Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

What an eventful weekend! It actually started on Thursday when our friend, Carrie, brought along the Easter Bunny for a visit with Sophia! Having been lucky enough to have such an awesome friend, we took full advantage and decided to get some Easter pictures done! Our little home mini shoot went great! We got some awesome shots of both Sophia with the Easter Bunny as well as Sophia by herself!

Man that kid is photogenic!

Then Saturday we took her to our neighborhood church to participate in her first ever Easter egg hunt! I wasn't really sure how she'd do since she's still so young, but as it turns out, she did pretty great! They split the kids into age groups and she was in the age 5 and under group. I was a little nervous about there being kids even as old as 5 but she did great and all of the other kids were super well behaved as well! And there were tons of eggs! Sophia found around 9 or so before all of the other kids had found all of the rest, but she did find one of the three Golden Eggs. :)

Afterwards, they had donuts and cookies and lemonade available. Sophia got to try her first donut and seemed to really like it!

When we got home from the egg hunt we worked on the yard a little, did some grocery shopping, and planted some more plants. Then I got to baking (from scratch) the most moist, delicious carrot cake I've ever tasted! See said yummy cake below!

Then today (Easter) we got up Sophia came out and found her Easter basket that had been left by the Easter Bunny! She took her time but she sure liked it!

After going through the Easter basket, we all got dressed and ready to head to my parents' for a yummy Easter lunch with the family. When we got there, she had another Easter basket waiting for her! 

So we ate and talked and were merry. Then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening just lounging around. All in all it was a great weekend!


  1. Just leavin' you some love...I do rread every post, I just don't comment all that often. :) Also, that child is very the ones at the top!!

  2. thanks! :) same here! lol yeah she is, but so are both of yours. and i wish she'd get some hair! haha. i swear yours have so much, it's beautiful!