Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctors...and butts...

Went to the colon doctor today. I've been bleeding each time and two weeks ago, an emense amount. They did an exam, and found a fissure and an enflamed internal hemroid (which, I always thought were things you get, but apparently are things your body already has, it's just a matter of if they get aggitated or not) which was causing bleeding. However, because of my sister's resectioning, my dad's issues, and my great grandmother dying of colon cancer, they want me to have a colonoscopy. So one of these Mondays coming up, that's what I'll be doing. :(

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So. Wow. I guess I'm doing something right. In the past year and two months, I've essentially been promoted 3 times. I started as a file clerk in October of last year. Two weeks later I became a receptionist. Two months ago I became a legal secretary. And as of monday I will be an accountant. This is exciting. Shit, before long I'll be able to do everyones job. And the best part is that everyone said that you couldn't move up here. And in a years time I've done it three times. Yay!