Wednesday, October 30, 2013

21 Months!

So my little munchkin is 21 months! You know what that means!? Just three short months until my baby girl is 2 years old! Oh my gosh. This month was pretty busy. We don't have a lot of growth info since we haven't been to the Dr. again, but we have a lot of photos to share from this past month's festivities.

We went to the Mims Mullet Festival and saw the tiger! 

Mommy found Sophia a playhouse on the local Mommy Market for just $20! Sophia LOVES this house. 

We had lots of reading time...

and educational app time.

She spent a little time at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house, and played dress up!

Then we all went to the Family Day at the Police Hall of Fame, and met up with a few of her cousins.

She has decided that she does not like jail, and does not want to go back. Haha.

She got to color her own badge, that they turned into a pin for all of the kids. 

We threw a surprise 25 year anniversary party for Grandma and Papa. 

We played a lot of dress up and showed off our modeling skills.

We went to Seaworld to celebrate their Halloween Spooktacular! We got to dress up and trick or treat!

We got to see a special showing of the Sesame Street show that they had.

We played in sprinklers..

and popped lots of bubbles.

She even got to ride her first carousel, and loved it!

She got lots of candy from the Halloween Spooktacular.

We went to two different pumpkin patches to pick out our super cute pumpkins!

We attended our local Fall festival...

...participated in the costume contest...

...and won first place!!! Woo hoo!!

The next day, we headed to Riverfront Park/Cocoa Village to participate in their Fall festivities as well. :)

Afterwards us girls (Grandma, Mommy, Auntie, and Sophia) headed to Olive Garden for a nice girl's dinner. 

She also had dance, and we got her permission slip to participate in the recital in June, as well as an order form for her costume. How cute is that!? Haha. I can't wait! She is also talking up a storm now! We can actually have small conversations now! And she's very good about telling me what she wants, asking nicely for it (please) answering me when I ask her a question of any sort. 

As for food, she's still kind of picky now, but she loves to eat whatever I'm eating. She's decided that she no longer wants her own plate though, she just wants me to share with her whatever I'm eating off of my plate, which is fine, and a little less messy. She's also quite up on her hygiene. Every night she asks to brush her teeth, her hair, and clean her ears before bedtime. 

I can't wait to share even more fantastic times with you next month! We have soooo much going on in November! Until next time!