Thursday, January 28, 2021

August 2020

The plants in the garden were growing well. 




(serrano pepper)



(Rosalie helping to plant potatoes)

(making more garden beds)

(girls helping to build the garden fence)




(progress on the fence)





David made the girls a cute little wheel barrel so they could help us out in the garden.

I decided that I really wanted to make a new coffee table for our living room, so here goes.

Worked a little more on the barn door for the pantry.

We homeschooled...

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took as many hikes as we could. 

We visited a new friend's farm to get hands on with some animals in prep for our chickens.

The girls decided to build some barbie beds.

We started to build the girls a new swingset.

Rosalie used that time to pick some wildflowers from the garden.

We collected figs and made some delicious fig jam.

The girls made more soaps.

We made some apple butter.

The girls and I picked a bunch of pears.

Then we made some pear preserves, pears in light syrup, spiced pears and dehydrated cinnamon pears.

We also made some boiled peanuts :)

We picked some wild Chantrelles from the back woods and cooked them up.

Our deer came back to visit. 

This stinker broke into my unopened chocolate bar and was very happy with himself.

I learned to chop wood!

And made potato containers.

(tilling the corn garden)

We had a socially distant picnic with friends,

and visited the chickens at Aunt Meredith's.

Birdo got to experience his first sandbox.