Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Onward and Upward..

The past few days have been good ones. :) Outside of needing the Dr. things have been going rather smoothly. Sunday Renee and I headed to Waterford in search of a new bathing suit for Sophia for our day trip to Ft. Lauderdale in a week and a half. After much searching, we're pretty sure we found one we like, but may need to exchange it for a size up, because in a week and a half, Sophia will be 6 months old, but has been in 9 month clothes for the past month because she's so tall. However, the bathing suit that is 9 months, says up to 27.5 inches, and she was 27 inches a few weeks ago, so it looks like I may need to move her to a 12 month one already! That's crazy! 

Monday Sophia and I hung out, and watched The Notebook with Renee and Dustin, and I made some yummy fudge. 

Yesterday was super productive! David and I got my craft room pretty much cleaned up and relatively organized. We even made room for my desk! :) I got laundry done, made italian chicken and pasta for dinner, got a shower and Sophia got a bath too! I also got dishes done, organized the kitchen a little better, and got the majority of the infinity scarf that I'm making for Renee, finished. :) 

Today is more of a lazy day. The weather is crappy, but amazingly, I'm still in a pretty good mood. I actually got to sleep lastnight as compared to the night before. Sophia and I got up, and I put her on her playmat, which she's loving the heck out of now, and put on some PBS so that I could heat up some apple cinnamon oatmeal for me and some hot orange tea. Got laundry going, and probably going to work on the scarf some more in a bit. Later this afternoon, I'm meeting up with two moms from the Mommy Market, and then probably gonna swing by my parents' this evening. :) 

I'm trying to bit by bit get the house cleaned up and organized a little more. Friday I'll be getting an exersaucer for Sophia so occupying her will be hopefully a little bit easier. I can't wait! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today Was A Good Day..

As some of you may know, I've been recently battling a minor (thank god) case of PPD. So some days are good, some days are bad, and some days are simply awful. It hasn't helped when it keeps storming here in Florida, which seems to only make my depression worse. However, at this current point, rather than trying to turn to drugs (prescribed) as I did in the past, since it's a lot more minor than my bouts with depression before, I'm trying to just do it naturally. I'm trying to take small breaks occasionally from Sophia, getting out of the house, and trying to be productive, as well as doing things like crafting. 

Today was a good day. I got up and called my sister to see if she wanted to come help me grocery shop (it's always easier with a little bit of help, especially when your child hates being in the car.) She came over and we met up with two of the moms from our Mommy Market, then headed to Dave's 

for some yummy hotdogs for lunch. Man do chili cheese dogs and pepperoni & cheese dogs taste good. Add in a strawberry royale and YUM! :) From there we headed to Walmart and I picked up two visors for my car and a new window cling to try to block out some more light/heat, since the other brand I tried didn't work. So far, the visors seem to help. :) Then off to Aldi's we went. I picked up two shoes organizers for $4?! for my closet, and got a little more than 1/2 of my grocery shopping done. Also found out that they'll be hiring soon, so I'm going to give it a go and pray that I get a call back. If I'm lucky, hopefully they'll have a part-time position available. It'd sure be nice to be able to help out a little around here, save from money, and it's nice and close by. Then we came home so Sophia could nap. 

While she napped, I worked on some more nursery wall art and checked up on my facebook. 

When she got up, I put her in the Ergo and started to tidy up a little. Moved some stuff to her room, cleaned up the coffee table and condensed my sewing stuff and moved that from the dining nook table to my new sewing table (thanks Marj!) Then David headed to mow at his sister's, so we jumped in the car and headed to Publix to finish the grocery shopping. She fell back asleep in the car so when we got home, I transferred her to her pillow,

 put away groceries and started on dinner. I decided on hot ham & swiss :) 

Then she woke back up when the timer for dinner went off, so I snapped a few shots as she watched me get the plates ready. 

(Today, she started to do this! She waved at Auntie Renee as she was leaving!)

Now that dinner is over, we're just going to relax for a bit, and I may work some more on nursery art. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Parades and Fireworks, Oh My!

Yesterday Sophia celebrated her very first 4th of July! It started out with us getting up ridiculously early and heading out to Melbourne to participate in their 4th of July parade, and to support Mitch Needelman in the election coming up next month. 

Unfortunately, it was just too dang hot out to walk 2 miles with Sophia, so she and I rode in the airconditioned truck that was pulling the sign. Afterwards we were invited to a nice lunch at Applebees,

We returned home to a HUGE storm with hail and Douglas and I went to pick up David who'd been out kayaking, before the storm hit him. Unfortunately we got there too late and he was SOAKED. Poor guy. 

Later after the boys went home to shower and change, David, Douglas, Nick and I went up to Port Orange for a YUMmy Red Robin dinner, followed by a lovely, uncrowded fireworks display. :) Needless to say by the time we got home, I was ready to crash. But all in all, a good day!