Saturday, November 7, 2020

July 2020

Come July, we had summer in full swing. Our voluntary compost garden was tossing out mini pumpkins left and right.

Our fig tree was full of delicious looking figs waiting to ripen.

I got the new garden sectioned off and enclosed.

We spent a lot of time in the pool!

We had a crabapple grow! It tastes a lot like a granny smith. We really liked it. Next time we will make a jam.

We made huge progress on the new garden.

David took apart the hot tub that was in the master bath and made me two new raised beds.

The girls helped a lot!

We celebrated 4th of July with some yummy treats from Rockdale Eats!

took a swim in the pool,

then roasted marshmallows and did some sparkles. It was a very chill, low key day.

We took a hike through one of our local trails. :)

Our deer friends came back to see us. :)

I made a delicious homemade banana pudding! (After a massive fail the first time).

Our tree was full of peaches,

and our bushes were full of polinators.

Despite Covid cancelling our girls' dance recital, our costumes finally came in and they couldn't wait to try them on.

We started working on our first Unit Project. The girls had to create a magical creature, and come up with it's habitat, diet, life cycle, etc.

Afterwards, they had to give a presentation of their creatures to Dad and I.

We took a break in the pool, 

then made some Pumpkin Tasties for our Harry Potter night!

I made more progress on my coffee table. 

We made more soaps!

We had a dump truck drop off a load of mulch for us to cover the new garden.

We did some science projects.

Another Camelbak photo popped up!

We picked up tons of free rocks to start the expansion of our front trail. We decided to make it much larger, both to have a nicer trail to walk on, but also to hopefully help with the erosion from water runoff. 

This kid. He legit went into the pantry, grabbed a thing of ramen, went to the dishwasher and pulled out a pan, and handed them to me. WTH. 

We started on a small green house, and a new compost.

We all got new "work" boots for working in the garden.

I got a cute clothespin apron from David's aunt.

We visited Aunt Meredith's chickens so the girls could start learning how to take care of them for when we get some in spring.

Grandma and Papa came up for a visit! We spent time in the pool,

worked on science projects,

and went tubing

We even had a teaparty!

Rosalie helped Daddy and I clean out the barn, and reorganize our tools.

We finished up the month with trimming the hedges. Haha.