Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Visits Home:

Boy are our trips home going to be packed! October we have a baby shower, a bridal shower, my parents' anniversary and Rosalie's first birthday! Then in December we have my sister's wedding, a new baby (my new nephew!) early Christmas with both families and will hopefully be taking the girls to Magic Kingdom for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! I'm asking for Disney gift cards for all of the holidays for all of us since we won't be able to bring home a bunch of stuff on the plane, and believe me the girls have enough toys for sure! My ultimate goal and current plan that I am looking into is staying at one of the resorts or campground for two nights during the week, and going to the Christmas party. I'd LOVE to be able to do a full day there too, but that may be harder if I don't have any local friends that get discounts. But way I see it is, if we were able to stay at a resort the day before the party, than we could just enjoy the resort and downtown Disney, and then go to the party the next night and come back to the resort to sleep since it ends so late, and that'd be AMAZING! So I'm currently pricing everything out to see if that will be a legitimate possibility. Fingers are crossed that it can all come together. What I would REALLY LOVE, is if somehow we were able to get my family to come out for the party as well! They haven't gotten to experience any of the parks with Goose yet, and Rosalie has never been, so like I said, fingers are crossed, and hopefully it'll all work out! If it does, I am DEFINITELY making another carrier, or at least a new cover that is Disney themed.

Friday, May 22, 2015

New Journey in Life:

Since I last posted, we attended the NOH8 campaign, which I am proud to have been a part of. 

And one of the pictures from The Honest Body Project was released. It's really exciting that this project has now gained national attention and been talked about in tons of places, including Parents Magazine. 

And we had our final playdate with the cousins before we moved.

Sophia even let Aunt Elizabeth french braid her hair finally! She looks so grown up!

We celebrated Mother's Day with a big family dinner at Longhorn, and my brother and his wife officially announced that they are expecting!! Woo hoo!! I have sooooo many projects that I want to make now. 

We spent the next few days packing like a beast. My lord we have a lot of stuff, and we didn't even bring furniture!?

We followed this up with a final dinner with the family before we left. It was a very, very emotional night for most of us. 

The next day, we headed off on our long journey to our new home. 

The girls were sooo good for the vast majority of the drive. I am verrrry grateful for that.

We stopped along the way for lunch in my old home, Tallahassee, and let the girls and dogs get out and play for a bit at Tom Brown Park to let them have a break from all of the driving. 

And after two looooong days of driving, we MADE it!!

We've now been here a little over a week, and have been taking in the sites and trying some of the local grub.

And we've started some new nice habits like taking nice walks most evenings...

and having beautiful fresh flowers at our dining table that we eat together at each night.

Little one has also become increasingly active. She's crawling all over the place (even though she cries most of the time that she realizes she is) and has been climbing up to stand against all of her toys, us, the couch, or whatever she can get near enough to. 

Today we went and got my van inspection done, new registration, and new Texas licenses.

Overall, we are very happy both here in Austin, and here in this beautiful neighborhood that we live in. In other good news, we've already planned for my family's first trip out to visit, as well as two trips home this year! I look very much forward to the future that awaits us here. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

7 Months & Family Update:

 Where is the time going that my sweet baby girl is already 7 months? What!? Still no teeth yet, but I imagine that will be happening any day now! She sits by herself and can sit herself up from laying. She learned to crawl! And she can now stand for several seconds at a time all by herself. She's become increasingly aware and playful with her sister, and even shows understanding like when David does this nighttime story where he tickles the girls, when she hears it start, she sits up and smiles real big in anticipation. It's really cool to watch and experience.

We celebrated birthdays,

and Sophia also attended the dentist for the first time and did a great job! 

She now is 16 lbs, and is moving into a convertible carseat!

Sophia has been working hard on schoolwork, between her workbooks and ABC Mouse, she is just blowing me away with her incredible intelligence. 

Rosalie has been eating all sorts of foods, including baby foods, puffs, pizza crusts, and

even cheese quesadillas.

Also....for the massive news that I've been holding out on sharing...David quit his job! He got a new job, and we are relocating to Austin, Texas! They flew him out a month or so ago, and made us an offer we just couldn't refuse. So two weekends ago, we got all four of us on a plane and flew to Austin to find a house! The girls did great with the trip! And in great news, despite the super short trip and timeline, we not only found a house, but came home with a key! Woo hoo! He is scheduled to start the new job on the 18th, so we will be saying goodbye to friends, family and Florida in five days. Luckily, my bestie Carrie, happened to have off, and is driving with me and the girls in the van while David takes the dogs in the moving truck! Sophia is super excited about our adventure and our new house in Texas.

(At OIA)

(At OIA)

(At OIA)

(First plane ride!)

(Bull Creek)

(The Capital)

We also got to participate in a photoshoot for an awesome project called the Honest Body Project. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to join the project. Then tomorrow, we will be heading to participate in the NOH8 campaign! I'm especially excited and proud to be a part of it! 

We are obviously going to miss our family and friends very much, which does make this move hard, despite the amazing opportunity that this is for our family. It's an exciting, scary, wonderful opportunity. I think my biggest fear or concern is moreso Sophia missing her friends. She's made a lot of great friends here the past three years and has literally grown up with several of them. We will miss them soooo much! They are like family, and we will definitely be setting up FaceTime playdates, and hopefully will be able to convince some of them to come out for a visit. A few of those amazing friends banded together today to throw Sophia a going away party, which was just awesome. The kids had so much fun, and it meant the world to me. We are very blessed to have this kind of love surrounding us. 

Thanks so much you guys! We love you and will miss you sooooo much!!