Friday, December 30, 2016

Fall Update:

We started off the month of October with an annual trip to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls! 

I got working hard on our Halloween costumes and Christmas presents, and busted my butt practicing for my upcoming Student Showcase performance for pole. 

Carrie and I took a friend date to SeaWorld in San Antonio for Howl O' Scream!

My Rosaliebutts turned TWO! Man, that went supafast!

I took a double's pole workshop!

We took a mini weekend camping trip to Fort Stockton and Big Bend National Park! OMG! It was sooooo incredibly beautiful! I can't wait to go back! 


On the way home, we stopped at the Caverns of Sonora!

Carrie, Goose and I went on a free movie date to see Trolls, courtesy of FilmInAustin! It was AMAZING! Our new favorite movie and soundtrack!

We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin and do some fall crafts!

After finally completing our costumes, we headed to Seaworld to do the Halloween Spooktacular!

We carved our pumpkin.

I voted early!

We went to a Day of the Dead festival in downtown!

We celebrated Halloween!! We left out a big bowl of candy and trick or treated! We got a CRAP TON of candy!

November started off with me working feverishly to get my costume for the student showcase completed!

We went ice skating!

I stopped nursing Rosalie after two long was emotional but she did a great job weaning!

We went through a new election! 

We had family photos done!

We went to the playground to start teaching Sophia to ride her bike!

We visited Santa at Bass Pro Shops!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday and performed our first student showcase at Inner Diva!

I am so incredibly proud of how we did!! It was definitely a growth experience!

I took the girls for a girl donut date in Downtown Round Rock!

I picked up a new favorite book! I <3 a="" anna="" be="" besties="" d="" damn="" ever="" i="" if="" it="" kendrick="" legit="" me="" met.="" nbsp="" p="" really.="" s="" shame="" some="" think="" we="">

We decorated the house for Christmas!

We went back to Seaworld to enjoy their Christmas Celebration!

We made pre-Thanksgiving pies for David and his coworkers! 

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving!

I caught up on the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix!! I can't wait for it to return for reals!

Finally, we hit up Elgin Christmas Tree Farm and picked out the perfect Christmas tree!!