Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Path is Long...

I started off April with the Flu. Yes, you heard that right. In April, I tested positive AGAIN, this time for Influenza B. Yuck! I was completely useless for 2-3 days. Thankfully my husband is awesome, and took on the role of mom and dad and allowed me time to properly heal, which I desperately needed. The positive is, I got caught up on a TON of backlogs shows. Aye.

We got invited out to one of David's coworker's family's home a few hours away. It's a stunning ranch with a bunch of Scottish Highland cows, miniature donkeys and horses. The property is incredible, and I'm totally smitten with his mom. :) They really are great people, and living the dream! Did I mention that we got to play with these super precious animals!? 

The next day, we attended the Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire for the third year in a row! :) 

I bought my ticket for the Hanson "String Theory" show in Atlanta for October, and I'm super excited! I also got the pavilion rented for Sophia's Farewell Party that's coming up soon!

I finished two pairs of leggings for Carrie, and a beach coverup for me for our Jamaica trip.

Goose has her first "Field Day" at school and it was a blast!

We drove out to Mason County and spent the day digging for topaz! It was a lot of fun! We found granite, quartz, marble, flakes of gold, and a piece of clear topaz! It was a really awesome experience!

We went to Disney on Ice "Reach for the Stars" with the girls! They loved it! The music was fantastic, and I loved that they played out a lot of the scenes! They even had an Ariel who did Aerial Arts! Yay! 

Carrie and the girls and I met up with some of our friends at Reagan's Spirit Night at Baskin Robbins! 

Parts of the Hanson Project Fanfare began being released! More on that here!

We had Goose's celebratory Zoo trip with her Daisy Troop, with the money they raised from cookie sales! Afterwards, we stopped by a nearby park and enjoyed putting our feet in the creek and throwing around a Frisbee!

We hit up some parks to let the kiddos play on their scooters and dig in the sand!

Goose lost her first tooth! What?! So big!

We had our family/friend Farewell Dinner at the studio! This one was very chill and casual compared to our other dinners, but we were happy to everyone who came out, and enjoyed playing on the pole for the first time in a while. :)

I got to celebrate Mother's Day at school with Goose for Muffins with Mom. :)

Buggy had more swim lessons and finally decided to start participating again!

I got my Unicorn hair back just in time for Hanson Days!! A WHOLE LOT more on that here!

We went to Bull Creek and spent the afternoon splashing around in waterfalls and soaking up the sun!

I headed to Tulsa for a few days and made so many dreams come true and so many wonderful memories with new friends!

Buggy and I had a lunch date at Olive Garden!

We spent some time at our neighborhood pool!

David and I have continued to work out most nights. :)

Finally, we spent another beautiful day at our new friends' ranch! It was hot, but it was gorgeous! We got to take a dip in their beautiful salt water pool, have a cookout, and play with the animals again! Tomorrow we are looking forward to another adventure as our time here in Austin comes to a close.