Wednesday, May 12, 2021

February 2021:

We started the month off with seeding some plant starts for the garden. Our bestie Carrie also brought us a bunch of Aloe plants!

David made a bunch more progress on the chicken coop. 

We spent a lot of time playing together!

We spent a lot of time outside practicing bike riding!

Everest got a sweet haircut!

We took some updated shots of the kiddos for filming.

Willy's Wonderland, the Nick Cage movie that Goose was BG in last year finally released!

We picked up our baby chicks!

We took the kiddos out for a boat ride (Everest's first, and he loved it!)

The girls worked on their schoolwork.

We ordered Rosalie's new tooth fairy pillow just in time to lose her first tooth!

Birdo was a big helper...

and a goofball...