Tuesday, December 31, 2013

23 Months!!

OMG! Only one more month and my little monster is going to be TWO YEARS OLD!? Can you believe it!? A lot has happened this past month!

We went to visit Santa at Bass Pro.

We decorated our Christmas tree!

We celebrated Auntie's 21st birthday!

We went to the Downtown Christmas Party.

We went to the Mims Christmas Parade.

We went to Cracker Christmas at Fort Christmas.

We celebrated Uncle Doug's 24th birthday!

We went to the Children's Christmas Party at the local library.

We went to the Titusville Christmas Parade. 

We celebrated Mommy's 29th birthday!

We took our Christmas photos.

We went to the playground.

We went to Christmas at Seaworld!

We had a family night on Christmas eve with new pjs, hot chocolate, gummies and the Very Merry Muppet Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas at our house in the morning, 

then headed to my parents' house for the McDaniel clan's Christmas, 

then went to David's parents' for the Pocock Christmas.

(kissing her cousin)

(getting the kisses returned)

(Christmas Bob)

Oh, and I almost forgot! She went to her first movie theater movie, Frozen, and she did fantastic! She really liked it!

Her favorite things are "chappy" (chapstick), her trampoline that she got for Christmas, and her baby dolls. She loves chicken nuggs and french fries (wedges). 

She started potty training herself again. She's come to me multiple times this past week and told me she needs to go potty, so we started a potty chart! Everytime she goes, she gets a tiny treat, and a sticker to put on her potty chart. She even told me she needed to go when we were out at lunch the other day, so later that day, we went and purchased a travel seat to take with us in case that happens again (holding her on a big potty is NOT easy). 

We finally picked up her gate for her room, so as of Jan. 1st, she will begin the transition to her toddler bed. Her big girl room is a still a work in progress. 

She talks up a storm and loves to tell us stories! She's developed a nice sense of humor, and still LOVES to dance! She also actually sings her night night songs with us now. She misses a few words here and there, but you can definitely tell she is legitimately singing, and even the proper words!

She loves to color and paint or anything artsy/craftsy! She still loves to help mommy and daddy, whether it's laundry, dishes, toys, working on the car, plumbing, vacuuming, etc. 

She now comes to me and tells me when she needs a nap. 

She loves to build blocks and play pretend. 

Her favorite movies are Monsters University and Frosty the Snowman. 

Her favorite song is still "What does the fox say?"

We switched her carseat forward on Christmas Eve so that she could see the lights better, and she loves it, and has been much more willing to get into the car and into her seat by herself. 

She is obsessed with all things Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

I didn't measure her height or weight yet, but she is taller than at least two four year olds that we recently met. I will try to get those numbers tomorrow.

Update: 33.5 inches tall