Sunday, March 28, 2021

It's a new year!

 We started the year off hoping it would be better than last year, but unfortunately the first few days were rough and not off to a good start. Thankfully, it's picked up a bit since then. 

I started off the month with trying to prep that back laundry for paint and flooring finally.

And then it stormed for days, and our roof decided to start leaking, and when David went to check it out, his foot went through a rotten spot. So up on the roof he went in the rain to try and fix our roof.

The kiddos became obsessed with this clay.

We started school back up.

We started working on transforming the overhang of the barn into a chicken/coop run for our future chicks that we'd be getting in a month's time.

We played and worked a lot outside.

We updated some pics of the kiddos for their job sites.

We enjoyed family time, and did some crafts.

I made yummy shrimp and cheesy grits and canned some Christmas jam, and David worked on his mead.

The girls got excited about the coming chicks, and worked on making a worm stick.

We took a beautiful hike.

Spring started peeking out!

Goose turned 9 years old!!