Thursday, March 15, 2018

The New Year 2018:

This year, I started it off with Bronchitis. It was awful and I couldn't breathe. It also decided to be absolutely freezing. Literally. 

I deconstructed Christmas and got in my final listen of the season for Hanson's Finally It's Christmas album.

After several days on antibiotics, I snuck out for a friend date night with Carrie to see Pitch Perfect 3. It was amazing, as was expected.

Rosalie and I baked cookies for the teachers at Sophia's school since we missed the last few days before Christmas break. 


David caught the flu, followed by girls and I constantly being sick for weeks. Pretty much the entirety of the month. :(

Finally the first were well enough to visit the dentist.

After being so frustrated with myself and my body, I started personal training sessions. I love them.

Goose started selling girl scout cookies, and not only met her goal of 100 boxes, but exceeded it!

I spent weeks planning and working on things for Sophia's upcoming birthday party.

My certification finally came in almost a year later for pole. :)

Rosalie finally snapped out of her funk, and began participating in swim lessons again, and did great!

Lastly in January, we celebrated Sophia's 6th Birthday, which had a Coco theme! The weather was sketchy, but we had a lot of fun, and it was a great turnout with her friends! We had pizza and cake, and coloring. :)

The next day, the weather was finally nice, and the girls did a little woodworking project with Daddy.


On February 1st, Hanson Day tickets went on sale and I managed to snag the storytellers and karaoke events! I'm so excited! *fingers crossed* that I get to sing with Isaac! :)

Goose ended up catching the flu.

In addition to my training, I started a meal plan, which is tough, but I've been doing good with.

I finally went in to see what I could still do with pole after having had so long away.

I ended up quitting teaching pole to give myself time to focus on me and my family.

We had our family pictures taken by Little Bit Photography. :)

I participated in a fan made music video for the cover of Hanson's "If Only" as part of The Hanson Project.

The girls and I made scones for the teachers and valentine's day party

I became a Hanson Street Team member!

Carri and I got to have another girl date night to see Fifty Shades Freed, and I started reading "Grey" (which I didn't know existed.)

My friend Kevin Stanton passed away. We weren't close anymore, but it still shook me. He was a sheriff deputy and was killed in a freak accident while on duty. I didn't get to go home for the funeral, but it was broadcast live on the news, and I was grateful to get to see it. It's a big loss as this man was one of the nicest people ever, but I know that he's now home with his equally sweet and beautiful mother.

We got a Groupon to the Capital of Texas Zoo and despite the sketchiness that surrounds it, it turned out to be really beautiful and a very pleasant experience. So glad that we did it!

We took lots of hikes and trails this month now that the weather and our health got a bit better.

Rosalie has continued well with her swim lessons.

And we closed out February with a movie night at Sophia's school, where we had a picnic dinner and watched Coco!