Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gardening Boo Boo...

So there's both good and bad news...the good news is, my basil, tomatoes, and bell pepper are doing great! My lettuce even magically came back to life. And the herbs we started are all doing fabulous too! So what's the bad news? As it turns out, what I thought was oregano and spinach (according to a certain someone who forgot to relabel the bottles) it looks like what I thought was oregano is actually chives (which I thought had been thrown out), that there is only one spinach, and the things that i thought were spinach are the oregano. Aye. The green onion we started from seed is doing great! And my friend Carrie brought us over some more lettuce and bell peppers today! So we will be transplanting those to the garden tomorrow, probably along with the green onion and chives. :)

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