Monday, February 10, 2014

Sophia's Birthday Party:

So I apparently completely forgot, but I'd meant to post pictures from Sophia's 2nd birthday party! So here's a peek into all the fun that we had!!

We had a hot dog bar, complete with chili and nacho cheese!!

As you can obviously tell, we went with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, which Sophia absolutely loves! We even rented a bouncehouse!

And of course, it wouldn't be one of our parties/functions without photoprops!

I was so happy! There was a lot of stress and anxiety put into this party, but it came off without a hitch. It was supposed to rain, but the weather stayed beautiful for us the whole day! I even had some of the adults at the end who said it was the best party they'd ever been too! I love it! We had nothing but fun! I am so grateful to everyone that came out and shared in that awesome day with us! Sophia loved it!