Monday, December 26, 2011

A Preview of My Christmas:

First and foremost, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! It's been a long and interesting two days. Yesterday Renee and I spent the entire day in the kitchen baking. We made probably 7+ dozen different cookies, two things of bacon cheddar pinwheels, a broccoli and cheese casserole, and my homemade apple pie. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of any of it, because I didn't think to until now. Got home late, went to bed late, and was up bright and early to head to my parents'. After my parents' we headed to David's parents' for our second Christmas. :) All in all, I'd say we made out pretty good, including Sophia! Take a look at just a hint of what we got this Christmas!


Friday, December 23, 2011

A Good Day..

Today was my 34 week checkup. Her heartbeat was great and she's doing good. My blood pressure was a little low, and my weight is down .5 lb again, so I've basically been the exact same weight (give or take .5 lb.) since mid-October, which I still find unnerving, but they keep telling me it's nothing to worry about. After the Dr.'s appointment, I met up with my co-workers for a quick Christmas lunch, then went to work for just a few hours. Today was my last day. It felt kind of weird, but I know it will be for the best for Sophia for now. We will re-evaluate once she's here. 

In other news, we are moved in! The house looks great, and I couldn't be happier! I love it! It feels like a real home, and like we've been here forever. It's weird. 

Tonight I've been quite productive. I hung out at watched the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie with mom, and completed a present, and am almost 3/4 of the way through another present for someone else. If it's not finished tonight, it'll definitely be finished tomorrow. Then I'll have all of my homemade gifts done and wrapped! Yay! So then I can spend tomorrow and Saturday making two orders. :) But for now, I'm gonna get off here, finish watching Terranova and get back to the present. Goodnight!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Exciting Week:

So this past week started off with my sugar levels excessively high, as we later learned from all of the stress. It was also quite the week for Dr.'s appointments since I had one Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then had a full day childbirth class yesterday at the hospital. At Thursday's appointment we found out that I am 32 weeks but currently measuring 33. So not entirely sure what that means at this point or if it really means anything at all. And I am still the same weight that I have been for the past month, which concerns me, but apparently it doesn't concern anyone else, and they think I'm dumb for worrying about it. But that's easier said than done to not worry about it when it's your first child, and you keep hearing from friends, internet, AND Dr.'s that you should be gaining 1 lb. a week, and I'm still only 5 lbs. more than I was pre-pregnancy, with only 7 more weeks to go. Gr. 

In other news, Friday was Dougal's 22nd birthday! (And the 3rd was Naner's 19th! Since I haven't done an update in a while). Friday I also put in my two weeks notice at my job. I'm kind of sad about it, because I enjoy working, but after what happened to my sugars last week, I just can't put myself or Sophia in danger over it. Simply not worth it. But I guess we'll see how it all goes once Sophia is here, and see if I'm able to go back and start working again. 

Yesterday David and I, and Dougal and his girlfriend went out to Capone's Dinner Show. David's parents had gotten us gift certificates last year for our anniversary or Christmas, and we finally got around to going. It was actually quite a bit of fun, although a little awkward in the beginning. 

Today we're planning to go over to the new house and work on it a bit more, and hopefully get as much of the few things inside that need to be done, finished. And we're going to be picking up our Christmas tree too, which has me pretty excited. The goal is to try and have us completely in there by the end of the day on the 19th. Fingers are crossed in the hopes that that actually happens. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Week Update:

So for those hadn't already heard, we found out two weeks ago that I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Luckily, it appears that I am maintaining it through diet so that I do not need to have injections (thank god!). I have a restricted diet, that consists of 7 meals a day, which is kind of insane, and I have to check my blood sugar three times a day. Just in time for the holidays of course. :/ On a side note, because of having the diabetes, it appears that she will most likely be here a week early. And since we're at 30 weeks, that means just 9 short weeks left until we're graced with her presence. 

And man, does she like to move! This little girl is so active! The night before last David and I felt what we think was her little tiny fingers pressing against the outside of my stomach. It was so cute and weird feeling.  I just can't wait until she is here until I get to hold her and kiss her!!

The downside is, we're going to be moving here in about two weeks (if everything goes according to planned). We've been working on the house that we're moving into for the past few weeks, and it's getting closer and closer and looking better and better each day. There's still a bit to do though, including a bunch of painting. It's really frustrating because I feel completely helpless and useless. There's so much that I'm physically capable of doing, but can't because of chemicals and whatnot that can harm the baby, so instead I'm forced to sit around and look lazy instead of helping. :/ I'll be so happy once it's done though, and we're moved in. I'm so excited, and we can actually start visualizing it as our home. 

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed now because it feels like these next 9 weeks are going to fly. I mean shoot, I swear October was only 5 days long. And here we are, two days away from Thanksgiving already. It's insane. It's got me a little bit stressed, because we still have a little bit to do to finish the crib (staining, sealing, and actually putting together) and then he is also going to be making a changing table, but with the house situation, that's all gone on hold for a bit so that we could work on the house. So now we're thinking that the crib will be ready for her once she gets here, but the changing table will not. The good news is, my mom is getting us our pack n'play for Christmas (yes, I know we aren't supposed to know, but when it's so close, and we still have things to get, it's helpful to know what we still need to buy ourselves) and the pack n'play that we're getting has a side area for both a newborn to sleep in, as well as a changing area. That will remain in our bedroom for at least the first few weeks as I imagine. And we don't have a dresser yet, so I'm going to take a look at the thrift stores for a chest of drawers (vs. the longer vanity style that I'm not a big fan of) and in the meantime, hopefully pick up this closet organizer to get us by until we get a dresser. She's already got a TON of clothes, that I'll post a pic of once we're in the new house. 

For the most part, we've been lucky and gotten most of the things that we need. There are still a few minor things, and there are several items that we still want, but I think of the things that are more top on the priority, there's pretty much just the organizer and the bedding. Friday I'm hoping to pick up my highchair, because it's normally $60 but will be $29.99 for black Friday.  

Also, Thanksgiving is Thursday!! When did that happen? Tomorrow I have to run to the store, send out a package that was ordered from me, make cupcakes, make my wreath, fill out a thank you card, and work on Christmas presents. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fantastic Weekend:

This past weekend was a fantastic weekend. It started out bright and early Saturday morning to get ready for the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk in Cocoa. We met at David's parents' house and drove together at 8am to meet up with Meredith and the kiddos. :) It was a lot of fun, and the weather was absolutely perfect! We got to spend a lot of time with the kids, walk for a good cause, eat yummy foods, and play a few games. 

Then just a few hours later, it was time to head to my parents' house for my baby shower. :) The turnout was great and we ended up with a lot more than I ever imagined. It was so great to see everyone, and a few special ones came from south Florida to see me too. :) 

Sunday I went to the Florida Mall with Douglas and Renee, and had a nice time. I found a pair of work pants and a $6 purse that I really like. All in all, a very good weekend!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So in baby news, I am officially 25 weeks. :) 

Sophia is moving more and more each day, in fact, she's bouncing around as I type this. Each day I get more and more excited for her to get here. I've been super lucky to have our friends and family to be helping get us prepared for her arrival. This weekend David and I, as well as his mom and two sisters went garage sale hopping on our old neighborhood. I managed to get several maternity items, several new baby outfits, and some bottles. Then this Saturday is my baby shower, so it'll be excited to see what else we get, and figure out what else we'll need to get. David and has been hard at work on the crib, and so far it's coming along great. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Also, it looks like we will be moving soon! Well, soon being in the next month and a half or two. But we're very excited and very grateful. We'll be moving into a house that will actually fit the three of us, and give us a little room to grow. 

Also, I got a job! It's part-time, which actually works out perfectly. It's back in a law firm, which I absolutely love, and missed. Again, I am very grateful. Today was my first day, and I'm excited to be out and back at work, and to feel of some use again. But at any rate, that is the update for now!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Garage Sales and Houses..

So today was a pretty productive day. :) I got up early and met up with my mother in law, Marj, to go check out a garage sale that I'd seen advertised online that said they had a bunch of baby stuff. They had a ton of clothes. We ended up getting Sophia a bag full or outfits that are super cute, as well as a carrier (the kind you put over your shoulders). She also found several things for two of my nieces. :) So that was pretty neat. I'm planning to try and hit up one other tomorrow morning in their neighborhood that says it has a ton of baby items as well. So fingers are crossed that it will be just as productive. 

In other news, we're keeping our fingers crossed in hoping that we get some good news come next week. We've been in the process of trying to get a house to move into for when the baby comes for the past few months, and it's been exhausting during the waiting period. But good, bad, or ugly, we will know for sure next week. I'm so anxious about it all. But we are hoping for the best regardless. Tomorrow David and I are gonna go look at another, so that'll be exciting. 

Also, next week is our 24 week checkup, so that too will be exciting. :) Not having another ultrasound done for a while, but we'll get to hear her little heartbeat again and will have another class. I think this one is on the first stages of labor. Can't remember off hand. I definitely look forward to going to these though and meeting with the other mommy-to-be's that are all due at the same time. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mims Mullet Festival:

So yesterday all our hard work, pained hands, and rushed craftwork came to an end. Yesterday was the annual Mims Mullet Festival. Haha. It was a lot of fun, albeit a little hot, despite the changes in temperature this weekend. We didn't do amazingly well, but each of us sold at least one thing, and David, Renee and I did pretty well. My family came by, as did David's, so that was kind of nice, and I got to see a few people that I don't get to see too often.

Here's a few pics from our adventure.

One of David's trucks that he made

Renee and Dustin

Haha. David and Cecil

Me and David

Cecil won Mims Mullet Man

My niece Brianna

My niece Aleksa

My niece Emma

My nephew Kristopher

Then after the festival, we headed to David's sister's house, Meredith, for a nice game night. Unfortunately, we were only to stay for about an hour because we'd had prior engagements, but it was fun none the less. It was a cute game we'd never played called Bubble Talk, where you are given a picture, and have these little cards with captions on them, and you have to use the one you think fits best, and whoever the judge picks as the best fit, wins. 

Afterwards, we headed out to Fishlips in Port Canaveral for my friend, Aaron's, 28th birthday. It was a beautiful night out. It was chilly, and windy, and perfectly fall-like. We all ended up on the upstairs deck over the water, and it was nice. :)

Today David is helping out our brother-in-law with some screen work that needs to be done, and I'm most likely going to end up relaxing somewhere, watching the Jags football game and working on crafts. :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crafting Away..

So David and I have been working like a fiend over the past two weeks to create some things to sell at the Mims Mullet Festival this coming Saturday. His mom got a table, so a few of us have been crafting to see what we come up with. I've been crocheting like crazy, and David has been woodworking. Here's a few shots of some of what I've gotten done so far.

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