Monday, June 2, 2014

Another Update:

As usual, so much has happened in the past two months. For one, we found out what we're having!! It's another sweet baby girl! We have also officially met the halfway mark. Just a few more months!!

Insurance has been fully dealt with! In kind of crap news, we are no longer using the birthing center, which really sucks because I really really loved that place, but their billing situation had a lot of issues, which makes me not surprised that they asked me to please leave good comments on their billing department because apparently a lot of people had not nice things to say about it. While the woman was very nice as a person, I now completely understand. So sadly, I will not get to experience the water birth that I was so looking forward to, but on the flip side, I am back with my great team from last time, so I do feel in good hands. 

Our gardens are going nuts! Our tomatoes are out of control. I have a basket of tomatoes each day, and have made a lot of sauce and other items with them. David's greek peppers are finally ripening. We've had several of our yummy cucumbers, and Sophia eats every strawberry the second it turns red. We also have several cute baby watermelons growing. So cute!

We joined some friends for Sophia's first Tampa Bay Area Renaissance Festival. She loved it!

We had a few playdates with Sophia's best friend, Mya.

We went to Seaworld again for the "Just For Kids" weekends.


Sophia rode her first horse at her twin friends' 3rd birthday party!

We joined another set of friends at the Brevard Zoo for a fun day in the sun. 

Sophia has still been doing art classes, but Thursday was her last one because they decided to change the time of ours to suit people in another city. :( Not happy about it, but that said, we are signing her up for gymnastics classes to take the place of art, and she sounds really excited. 

We celebrated Easter. It started with Sophia dying her first eggs!

Followed by an Easter egg hunt/picnic at David's parents' church.

And finally, Easter day at with my family. 

We went to the beach and met up for a playdate. She even left that day with a not-so-secret admirer. :)

Last time I updated, we'd gone to Epcot and Animal Kingdom for a visit. This update we've now been to Magic Kingdom again (and brought along Uncle Nick) and just used our last pass to visit Hollywood Studios during Star Wars weekends. (Pics lower below)

We went to the beach again. :)

Attended our third annual ladies' tea party! She even had her own little teacup.

We celebrated my third Mother's day!

And celebrated our friend, Carrie's, birthday! Sophia even signed her own name without any help at all!! Soooo proud!

This month we also lost a family member, and celebrated Memorial Day all weekend long with lovely friends and family. On Saturday we took a day trip over to St. Pete to visit an old friend for her pool party/cookout, spent all day Sunday with David's family and Sophia had a blast, and had a little dinner gathering with my family on Monday.

And lastly, we went to Hollywood Studios to use our final Disney ticket. :)

The family reunion is coming up faster and faster and I absolutely cannot wait!