Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Overwhelmed and Stressed Out:

I've been so stressed out recently. Between being pregnant in general (and all the lovely hormones that accompany it), insurance drama, family drama, and worrying about finances, it's been an endless stream of stress and feeling overwhelmed. I keep having anxiety attacks, and it's getting really old. Thankfully I'm into my second trimester, or I'd be seriously concerned about losing it...which was a very real fear for a while there. 

I've been trying to think of what I can do to make/earn some money. I'm still doing my crocheting, but that's come to a standstill, although, I'm hoping to try and participate in the craft fair that is coming up in November and hoping for some success. My sister and I have talked about trying to do some party planning, because I got all kinds of compliments on my set up/theme for Sophia's 2nd birthday party, and we do a pretty great job with out parties now that we can make so many more decorations/photoprops, etc. I've even been looking into maybe trying to get a job again, but then it comes back to, most jobs I can find wouldn't even pay me enough to put Sophia in daycare, and then I'd basically be working, just to not have her around, which is not okay. My mom could probably keep her a few days a week, such that I could maybe find a part-time something, but that's seemingly hard to find as well. It's just so stressful. 

The bright side, is that Sophia is doing great. When she's not throwing tired tantrums, she's the sweetest kid in the world. She brings so much joy to my life, and I am constantly impressed with how much she learns and what a sponge she is. She's been talking in full sentences now, and understanding rather complex things. She makes insanely smart associations with things, and has found a serious love of arts & crafts. She stopped dance (her choice) and this month is doing art classes at the Children's Center, but I think after this month is over, while I want her to have the socialization of it, that we're going to just get some supplies and do them here to save on cost. She also has a best friend, Mya, who she absolutely loves and talks about all the time. They've been getting together for playdates, which has also been nice for me as well, because Mya's mom is a longtime friend of mine, so it's been nice for all of us to get time with our friends.