Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bridal Shower, Beatles, and Scrapbooking:

Yesterday was an eventful day. It was Elizabeth's bridal shower, which was pleasantly fun. :) Thank god for the family though, because I knew none of the friends. While we were at the shower, the boys headed out to the WarBird Air Museum. Then in the evening, my family and I went to Brevard Community College Cocoa Campus Planetarium for the Beatles lazer light show. :) It was fun again, although everyone but Renee, Nick and I seemed to not care so much for it. Eh, to each their own.

Today we're having a family birthday party for Nick, who's 14th birthday was the 24th. :) Afterwards, Naner and I are gonna head over to Joann's in Waterford, because yesterday while at the shower, we did scrapbooking, and I'd forgotten how much fun real scrapbooking is, verses the digital stuff that I usually do. So I'd decided yesterday that I wanted to go pick up a few scrapbooking things because I've already got an album to put it all into, and then this morning I got an e-mail from Joann's that all scrapbooking materials are 40% off, plus an additional 40% off coupon for one non-sale item! Yay! :)

Also, I decided that if and when I get a job, I'm going to get myself a new camera. After having it for a few years (and I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, it worked for what I needed it for) I'm just not really happy with it's quality anymore. The pictures never come out crisp and clear. My friend Rachel, and my brother Douglas both got a new camera from Target that was $199, and I'm completely in love with it. The quality is amazing. So if and when I get a job, I've decided that I will replace my camera so that I can get back to taking lots of pictures.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things Are Looking Up Finally...

Yesterday I took the test for Phase 3 and kicked it's ass, and then went on to Phase 4. I should know something next week hopefully. Today I started background. Not sure how long that will take. But either way, so far, things are going well, and I'm as far as I can be at this point. Needless to say, I'm a bit exhausted with getting up so early each morning when my body isn't used to that.

Now I'm home in bed, trying to stay wrapped up and warm, because I'm currently freezing, and just finished reading a book. Now on to start a new one.

Tomorrow the plan is just to hang out, hopefully with Naner, although Dustin is there like every day now, so who knows. Saturday is Elizabeth's bridal shower, and my family is going to the Beatles Lazer show at the Planetarium. Sunday, Naner and I are having a date night.

Monday, January 24, 2011

At Last...

Today was a great, and productive day. I got laundry done, I got to be lazy for the first part of the morning, had a good meeting, got a great call, had a Tall Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks with my gift card, paid the ENT Dr., grocery shopped, talked with an old friend, finished my book, "Unbearable Lightness" and hung out with my family. All in all, a very good day. Tomorrow, hoping to go over and work on the little house a little. At least to test the electricity in two places for lights, see what we can do about those cabinets, see what we'll need to put in the A/C unit that we have for their, see what we need to do the plumbing for the kitchen sink, and then going to look at two rental properties with my parents tomorrow. I also need to stop at the Chiropractor to pay him, and stop at Target for a few things.

Now, I think I'm going to go start reading my new book on my Nook, and then maybe watch a little "Ally McBeal" on

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh My...

So due to the rain last week, apparently the tarp that we were given and told was great, wasn't, and all of the water seeped through the tarp and flooded the house with 2-3 inches of sitting water. I cried my eyes out. In the end we were able to get the water out, and there isn't terrible damage as I'd initially thought as I saw water pouring through the ceiling. The ceiling will need a new coat of paint, but thankfully the ceiling was just painted plywood, and the walls were all cinder block so there is no drywall to be damaged and replaced. The kitchen cabinets that we were going to put in, have now been through TWO floods, and the bottoms of them (the most important part, because that's where everything goes) are pretty much useless. However, rather than having to start all over from scratch and either make all new ones or spend hundreds of dollars to buy new ones, it looks as though we might just be able to make some repairs to the current ones to make them usable again, like replacing the bottoms, but we'll see.

Friday I had a job interview and think it went rather well. So we'll see how it goes. In addition, I managed to find a dress that is suitable for Elizabeth's wedding. It's not exactly what I'd hoped for or had in mind, but after 6+ stores of finding nothing, it will have to do. It's navy blue, and comes a little past my knees, and is a halter or sorts. I'll need to take in the straps just a bit, but otherwise, it'll work.

Yesterday we were able to remove the other side of the roof and replace it with new roof. Today we went back and tarred the areas that needed it around the pipes that come through, and around the the ridge vent. So the roof is officially done. Yay!

 Now we need to clean up the mess in the yard, attempt to fix the kitchen cabinets, test two areas for electrical to see if they actually work, call a plumber to get him to fix the toilet, or find someone who can fix it otherwise, paint the living room ceiling, replace the wall area in the bedroom closet, buy a water heater, and buy a space heater. Agh. This is exhausting, and is feeling like a lot more work than we'd thought it'd be, and a lot more money too. Talk about stressful.

Tomorrow I have a second interview, so we'll see how it goes. I'm a little anxious, because I'm really hoping that one of these works out, but also stressing, because I'd hate to get a job right now, and find that they'd want me to work during the wedding. So I'm hoping that a) I get a job, and b) it won't actually start until the second week in March, which would be PERFECT! So who knows. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

This week, I need to start trying to get some things packed. We aren't moving right away, but the more that's packed, the better. Bit by bit. I also need to go to two Dr.'s to pay them, take a course with David, send in paperwork, and have Phase 3 and hopefully 4 of the second position.

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Raining....

I hate this rainy weather. Bleh.

Today I've got a bit to do. We're getting ready to head to Melbourne to meet with the lawyer, then I've got an interview in Orlando, and then hopefully I'm going to meet up with Renee and attempt to find a dress to wear to Elizabeth's wedding, although, if the last time I looked is any indication, it's not going to be very promising. I may end up having to wait until 2-3 days before, and check out what the Atlanta malls have to offer on the way up. Who knows? It seems like either everything is too short/slutty, too casual, too formal, all white, or all black. Bleh.

The good news, is that even though it's crappy weather today, it's supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow, so we should be able to get back over there and work on the other side of the roof. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today Was A Good Day:

My medical issues have been dealt with, and though I am in pain, I am happy that it ended up being something fixable and minor, because I'd worried it wasn't.

Phase 2 went well today, and it was actually a lot of fun and really interesting. I have Phase 3 on Wednesday, and if I pass Phase 3, then I'll have Phase 4 on Wednesday as well.

Right now I'm not feeling so great, but all in all it was a good day. Now I am tired, and just laying down trying to relax, and watching "Daybreak" on Hulu while the boys play video games in the living room. I'm going to go draw up some hot mint tea, and get ready for bed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good and Bad News:

Bad news first...So this weekend, David, Douglas and I spent it trying to replace the roof on the house that we are going to be moving into soon. It went from one problem to the next, from thinking it was a simple fix before putting on the new material. Then getting all of the shingles off to find that every piece of plywood needed to be replaced, which of course means more money. Then we find out that what we thought was a full weekend of working was damaged by a day of pouring rain, so after replacing all of the plywood on the one half of the house, we cover it with a tarp my uncle let us borrow, and came back the next day to check up on it after the storm let up. Turns out the tarp was so dried that all the water leaked right through it, and there was 2-3 inches of sitting water in the house. The whole thing was flooded, and now it looks as though our kitchen cabinets (used ones) may be ruined.

Today David and I went back over ourselves, and after having tried to sweep out most of the water yesterday, found that it seemed to help a lot, and a lot of the water evaporated that was left. There were still some wet spots, and the side room was still very damp, but a significant deal better than yesterday. He and I together were able to finish the whole half of the roof today, so it is now completed, and now we just have to do the complete other side.

In good news, I got a call today about the job I had an interview for last week, and they want me to come in for a second interview on Monday at 2pm. Also, I have Phase 2 of a job interview tomorrow from 1-5pm, and then potentially Phase 3 and Phase 4 of that job on Thursday. Then today I also got a call for a position I'd applied for a while back as well, and wants me for an interview on Friday at 3:30pm. I couldn't be more excited. Finally something good is happening, after all of the bad that's seemed to stay over us. I just pray that one of these actually ends up working out. Here's to hoping!

Man, The Hits Just Keep On Coming....

and it's getting really freaking exhausting.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Goodish News:

Today I had my job interview for the part-time job, and I think it went pretty well. At least I hope so. It was a panel interview, and they said it'd be a few weeks before I hear anything, but that they'd let us know if they want us to come back for a second interview.

Then when I got home today, after a month or more of hearing nothing about the dispatch job (which I'd love to have, and is within my Criminal Justice field), I got an e-mail from them saying that I passed the first phase of four. On to the next phase, which requires me to do a 2-4 hour observation, which if I pass then I have a test, and finally a formal interview. So let's hope that one of these works out, because lord knows I am tired of being home and jobless. I love to work, and it kills me to have not had anything for so long, especially after spending so much time and money on an education. So any good thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated. :)

In other news, attempted to find a dress today for Elizabeth's wedding, and nothing...So when Naner feels better, I'm gonna have to steal her and go to the mall or something, maybe Waterford or Viera.

And tomorrow, we start to roof replacement of the house that we're going to be moving into. We're hoping to get it all completed this weekend. Tomorrow morning, we've gotta go to Lowe's and Home Depot to pick everything up. I also need to get the countertop stuff to paint over the kitchen counter with. Here's to hoping that it all goes smoothly. Who knows, since we don't actually have to pull off all the shingles, we may even be able to get it all done tomorrow. We just need to borrow and nail gun and get supplies. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In Other Random News:

If you receive anything from Brevard County Clerk of Courts, or go to their website, they're new logo/emblem is officially up, and (drum roll please!) I made it! :) Pretty cool, I think. It's officially on their website, as well as their door, and all paperwork, official documents, etc.

Monday, January 10, 2011

They Worked!!

6 days in and the hormones worked! And here I am, crying over it. Haha. I couldn't be happier.


So after a lot of talking, and speaking with friends, family, and a recruiter, David has decided that he wants to enlist in the Navy. We are currently waiting a month or two for him to actually go in, take the ASVAB and get his physical testing done, so that we can a) get the finances in order, and b) go to Elizabeth's wedding. I'm both excited and nervous about it, but I think that ultimately (if he gets in, which I'm sure he will) that it will be in the best interest for our family. In the mean time, I am still trying to find a job, because even if he does get accepted, it'd be at least another 4-8 months before he'd even get sent to boot camp and then from there another 4-6 months that I'd be here without him. Luckily, I've got lots of family here, so it shouldn't be too terrible, but I'll still need something to do to keep me busy (money aside).

In other good news...

Friday I will have my interview with BCC for the part-time Project Assistant position, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that. Also, I was told that I should be hearing back either this week or next about the Dispatch position that I'd applied for a month or so ago. Also, not that it's anything to get too hyped up about, as it's not much money, but is still kind of neat, I got a sort of side job doing some photoshop stuff for a well known gentleman, so that's kind of neat.

As for my health, 3 more days (after today) of hormones, and then another 4 day wait if nothing happens before then. So here's to hoping it all works.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am having a really bad day. It started lastnight, and it's just gotten significantly work through today. I feel angry, and frustrated, and I need a way to vent it, like soon. I feel like I'm slowly losing pieces of my mind. I am trying to productive with it (laundry, dishes, packing) but I feel like I need to scream, or cry.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Job Interview:

Woo Hoo! Not to get too excited by any means, but I have a job interview! Which, in itself is already a big accomplishment given how many jobs I've applied for over the past few years, and how few have ever remotely showed an interest. It's only part-time and only $8/hr, but it's something, and it's in town, just 5-10 minutes from the house. So we'll see. It's for a Project Assistant position at BCC in Titusville, and the interview is set for Friday the 14th at 11am in Cocoa. :) Here's to hoping something good comes of it. If nothing else, this could help us to start a savings which would be amazing to have again.

Household Wants:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good News:

I got the call today and the results came back from my thyroid test. Results were negative, so I start the hormone treatment tonight. That will go on for 10 days, and if after two weeks I haven't ovulated, I have to go back in to see the Dr. because it means that there's most likely something wrong with my ovaries. So here's to hoping the hormones work.

Also, we had our meeting with the recruiter today. So far it looks like things will work out, and we were happy with everything we discussed. So we'll see how it goes. Nothing is set in stone yet though, so we'll keep ya posted.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. & Navy Update:

So today I went to the Dr. and he had some tests run. The first just a generic check up, and the next a blood test to make sure that I'm not having any thyroid problems. As long as the thyroid test comes back negative (which I should know in a day or two), then I'll start my hormone pills that will last about two weeks. If nothing starts within those two weeks, then there is a bigger issue, and I'll have to come back in to get more tests. Here's to hoping that it's just a hormone issue that will get fixed by the pills.

Also, David called the recruiter today, and we have an appointment tomorrow at 1pm, to get some more questions answered, and help us figure out if this is the decision that we want to make. It is looking like the best option at the moment would be to go in as enlisted rather than officer, but we should know better tomorrow. :) I'm hoping that this all works out, and that we are not only able to do this, but that it'll work well for our family.