Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Craft Update:

I've been working on the cross stitch a lot the past two days. I got a lot done today, but now I'm just tired.

Tomorrow I have jury duty. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I've gotta remember to bring my school books so I have something to read and keep me busy.

But anyways, here are some pics of the cross stitch. The first is from yesterday, the second is from today.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Downtown Block Party & Chili Cook-Off:

Tonight, Renee, Katie and I attended our local downtown block party, which just so happened to have a chili cook-off. Some were good, some were awful, but all in all, it was a lot of fun and we took a few pics of the fun. :)

Crafts Update:

So in attempts to raise a little more money for the AIDS walk in April, I made a few red and red/black bracelets. Each are $5, and the money from them will be donated to the AIDS walk. Also, wanted to share an updated pic of the needle point that I had been working on. I kind of got lazy and stopped working on it, but really need to start back on it again. Maybe I'll start back tonight. And I can't wait to get to together with Marj and learn how to start on the scarf! Very excited! Got the yarn ready and everything. :) But anyway, here are some pics.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hard Times:

I'm having a really hard time right now. I've been trying so hard to get a job, and I just don't understand it. I've got experience, and I'm a semester away from having a Masters, and it's like it doesn't mean a thing. I want so badly to help out with the finances, to get everything back on track. To get the bikes and the car paid off. To be able to have a baby, that I have wanted so bad for so long and keep having to put on the back burner while I watch everyone else getting pregnant or running around bragging about how great their children are.

I'm doing really good in school, which really school and family are the only thing keeping me going right now. It's so difficult. But we're almost to midterms and I still have straight 100% in all of my classes. Only one more semester to go and I just can't wait for it to be done.

Next Sunday is the March of Dimes - Baby Walk that I'm partaking in, and thank you to Bruce and Marj for your donations to both causes. It is greatly appreciated. Now I'm just hoping that I can convince someone to come walk with me. I'm hoping to convince Naner, because currently it's just me, and I have no idea of anyone else who will be there.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Dinner:

And a few pix of me, David and the sibs for Valentine's dinner at Outback. :)

Craft Update:

So I'm a little slow in posting these, but these are some of the crafts I've been working on. The two potholders are finally done. Now I'm working on a cross stitch until I can start on the scarf.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking:

Yay! So I recently learned of digital scrapbooking, and after getting Photoshop installed on my comp, I decided to test it out today. Here's is my finished product of my first attempts at digital scrapbooking. :) Yay! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


David and I went and took our CCW course this morning. I did really good, and was really excited about it. Taking a look at a few different models now trying to figure out what I want to get. Now we need to hit up the Sheriff's office to get David's fingerprinting, and get the pictures taken for our cards.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So I guess David's ride along went well. He was gone from 8am till 7:45ish. It was a long day, but he seemed to have really enjoyed it, and it seemed to have been quite a busy day. So after much talking, we're trying to figure out if there's anyway for us to be able to put him through the academy. The problem is that with his current schedule, he can't do the full time day academy or the part time night, and his schedule at work can't change. So what we are hoping for is to find a sponsorship from either TPD or BCSO to send him to the academy, which would guarantee him a job in law enforcement once he graduates and more than likely pay him as a temporary employee while he is attending, so that we would not both be jobless for 4-6 months while he attended the academy. We know that TPD isn't really doing any sponsorships right now though because of budgeting, and we're not positive with BCSO. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way we could possibly do this at this point, so we're trying to figure it out financially so that he can go on to do something that he actually enjoys, makes more money, better healthcare, and better retirement, as well as money for education. Definitely stressful to want to do something and wanting to be supportive, and not being able to do it. So wish us luck, and pray that we find a solution.


Trying to get some stuff done around the house. We've finally started to try and put up some of the crown molding in the bedroom, got the master bath fixed and running good (thanks Bruce!), and I've been working on the kitchen some more. Trying to finish getting it painted and ready to go. :) Completed my two pot holders which was really exciting, and just started on a cross-stitch. Excited about starting on a scarf, and then once that's completed, hoping to start on an afghan. :) Been doing a LOT of school work. Tons and tons of reading, discussions, web chats, quizzes, etc. I'm doing really good though. Straight 100's on everything in all three classes so far, which is very exciting. Still waiting to hear back from the BCC job, but hopefully will hear something soon either way. Been reading my daily scripture, but got two or three days behind due to all the reading for school, but am in the process of trying to get caught up. Tomorrow David is going out on a ride along, and I'll be heading to Orlando to visit a friend of mine for lunch, and she is buying a piece of my jewelry in order to help with the AIDS walk in April. Which, for those interested in donating, there's still time! But yeah, been spending lots of time with my family, and just working hard to get through this semester. I keep praying each day that once this is over I will finally get a decent paying job that I don't have to sacrifice myself for.