Thursday, November 30, 2017


We started off September with FOOTBALL season! The girls got new gameday dresses, and we made our traditional FSU jello jigglers!

I spent more time at the studios working on pole and lyra.

I joined the PTA at Sophia's school. :) 

Finally the Hanson concert in Austin came around. Nobody ended up coming with me despite the super cheap price in the end, but I still enjoyed myself and fell in love all over again! Their new song "I Was Born" renewed something in me and made me want to sing again! I even gave away my Halsey tickets, and joined their fan club to attend the Houston concert the following month, and a member's only event (more on that later).

Sophia had her first Girl Scout meeting!

David and I performed together for "Dirty Disney" but given the nature of the show, I will not post pictures. Haha!

The girls signed up for a 5 week racing series!

We hosted our monthly "Austin Family" Dinner Party!

I was finally able to get some time (while waiting in the pickup line at school) to start reading again! I've loved every second of it, and have been through about 5 books since school began!

I took the girls out for a "girl date" to see Despicable Me 3.

Goose signed up for a cheer camp at the local high school!

We attended the Annual Austin PRIDE Parade!

 Rosalie has still been taking swim lessons!

I "tested" several patterns!

David took the girls out for a canoe trip at one of the local parks!

We had several picnics in the parks!

We also attended a small fall festival at one of our local nurseries. :)

We celebrated Rosalie's 3rd birthday!! (More on that here!)

Goose went on her first field trip to Sweet Berry Farms! I got to tag along while Daddy and sister hung out at home. 

(These are Sophia's two best friends!)

We surprised the girls with a trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas! (We got annual passes there this year instead of Seaworld San Antonio again.)

Daddy took Goose on a Daddy/Daughter date to see The Lego Ninjago Movie.

Carrie and I took a girls date to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for their Halloween celebration.

We did crafting!

Had lunch dates at school with Goose and her bestie!

Played at the playgrounds...

Went to the Austin PRIDE Festival!

Worked the Jog-a-thon at Goose's school!

Rosalie leveled up at swim lessons to Advanced Aquatots!

I made the trek to Houston alone to see Hanson again, and this time got to attend a member's only pre-show, where I got to actually talk to them, shake their hands, and take pictures! I also made two new friends!

Goose decided that she wanted to cut her hair for the first time ever!!!

Afterwards, we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins!

This year we decided to paint them with glow in the dark paint instead of carving them.

Oh, and did I mention all the fall yummies!!?

We paid off my van!! 

We went to several fall festivals for Trunk or Treating!


Sophia got her first report card and did an excellent job! She had all "S" and was above average in reading!

Rosalie and I spent a LOT of time at the school doing PTA things.

Thanks to a rejuvenation of music (thanks to "I Was Born") that I'd been missing, I finally decided to start singing again, and finally giving in to the youtube videos...So far I've only got two, but I'm trying to do one a week. Planning to do a Christmas song or two.

David's parents flew out to surprise Goose on her last day of school before Thanksgiving break! We spent a good bit of time just hanging here at the house, and made a day trip to Waco to Cameron Park Zoo and the Magnolia Silos!

Closing out fall, we celebrated a small Thanksgiving with the girls' best friends, and spent the week getting over sickness (of which I'm still recovering).