Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I finally left Fairvilla, as it continued to go downhill. After 8 months of being there, I never did end up getting the raise I was promised 3 months in. They took awake my Saturdays which I was promised when I started I would have. I went three days without ever seeing David at all because I had the stupidest schedule in the world, and never got home before 3am. The entire night shift minus one left. It was just too much.

Took a visit to Tampa to visit with friends, and have started more of the modeling stuff again now that I have time available.

Classes started on Monday and we got all of my books except one, which still hasn't come in yet. Gr. Got my schedules printed out, and am working on my third semester. Only two more semesters after this and I'm done! :) Yay! Finally.

Just spent lastnight and today cleaning house, doing laundry, dishes, mowing our lawn, taking out the trash and recyclables, and vacuuming. Lots to do. It's almost done though, thankfully, and I'm feeling pretty accomplished. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Woot Woot!

Got another job interview with Sheriff's office Tuesday morning at 10am. Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yay! I just finished my final, so I am now officially done with school until the 24th, which is nice because it means I actually get to take a break before my three new classes start. I'm really excited about one of them. The others...not so much,  but it'll all work out. Very excited tho! Just three more semesters and I'm done! I've got three classes for fall, three for spring, and two for summer. Yay!