Monday, March 23, 2020

January Update:

Welcome to the year 2020! We made it. Last year flew by. So many large changes happened in our life last year. We had the birth of our son while in the process buying our home. With buying our home came a million and one odd jobs that had to take place to get it move in ready. We took a trip to Florida, and began our homeschooling adventure. Who knows what this year will bring, but in general, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Birdo had his 9 month check up. He was healthy and perfect. He was 30" long and weighed 21lbs. 9.5 oz.

Weather finally settled for a day or two and gave us some warmer sunshine. So we made an effort to all get outside and enjoy it while we could. 

David worked on tilling the garden..

while Bug played in the fort,

Goose played with her pups, 

and Birdie played with toys in the playpen.

Goose and I had a mommy/daughter datenight. We went to dinner at McDonalds (her choice). We even split a McFlurry! 

Afterwards we went to Chuck E. Cheese and played games for an hour or two! It was a lot of fun!

We started making more progress on the pantry/bathroom reno in the back house.

I took out the kiddos out to the park for an impromptu picnic (little caesar's breadsticks).

We opened a final Christmas gift for the girls from their new cousins. :) We'd hoped to have them come up but life happened so we shipped gifts a little later! 

They loved making the headbands they received!

We tried to take in all the good weather days that we could! We kicked around the soccer ball, played catch and scooters!

We went to Central Casting and got the kiddos all signed up!

Rosalie and I went out for a mommy/daughter date night. :) She also decided on Chuck E. Cheese and jackpot after jackpot! 

Afterwards, we also did McDonalds and she loved getting to eat inside!

A Fanson friend kindly sent Goose some stickers that she made! 

We did some schooling.

And started working on a few random projects, like cleaning up the picnic bench that the old owners had left behind. He pressure washed it, then painted it.

We put up the old medicine cabinet from the back bathroom, into our master bath.

Grandmommy kept the girls so that Daddy and I (and Everest) could have a date night to celebrate my very belated birthday. We went to Mystic Grill so David could finally try it.

We got to have our first fire!

We surprised Sophia with a farm themed birthday party for her 8th birthday! 

But the biggest surprise was the petting zoo we hired to come out with some super cute farm animals for us to play with for two hours!

We had ducks and goats...

Bunnies...a tortoise, geese, chickens and a rooster! 

Daddy took all the kids on a quick hay ride on the tractor through the property.

Afterwards, we went inside for cake and presents!

We took some photos of the kiddos!

Including Sophia's Year Eight photos!

We played outside some more, like climbing trees, running through the yard, scootering and playing in the fort!

We got a little stir crazy being in the house, so I took the kiddos to a park not too far away and the girls scootered the whole way around! They did great, especially Rosalie!

Everest LOVED the wind in his hair!

Everest started cruising EVERYWHERE!

We worked on some more school.

And the girls finished up the month by doing one of the crafts that Sophia got for her birthday! They loved painting these cute little horse figurines!