Friday, January 24, 2020

December 2019 Update:

This month started off with a trip to the Mall of Georgia while David got my tired repaired at the local Honda. We checked out the new playground that they added, 

and visited the puppies in Petco.

David made even more progress on the kids' farm.

We also made more progress on our bathroom/closet/pantry reno that we started in November.

I took the littles to lunch while sister had dance.

We did some homeschooling, starting off by learning about how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas.

We attended our local Winter Festival, and the girls got to decorate some yummy sweater cookies.

The next day, we went to the Covington Christmas Parade.

Then we headed to Berry's Christmas Tree Farm to pick up our tree!

We got a few more decorations up and going, and the tree lit. :)

(the girls helped me decorate the front porch)

We took a field trip to the German Christkindl festival.

We got the tree decorated!

The kiddos took a field trip to see a shortened version of The Nutcracker at the Fox Theater.

The Goose and I went to see the Hanson Wintry Mix Tour. Joshua & The Holy Rollers (Mac Hanson) and Paul McDonald were the openers. We made a lot of new friends, and Sophia even made a new friend and got to be in the very front, right in front of Isaac. He really took to the girls and watched/sang to them most of the night. Taylor sang to them too. At the end, Isaac actually jumped down off of the stage to make sure that each girl got to have a pick. Sophia's is now on display on her wall. Afterwards, we headed out back to wait, and Zac came out and touched Sophia's arm, and told her thank you for coming out to the show. It was a great momma/daughter bonding moment, and she made my whole life, when she told me how she loves that it's something we get to share, and that she really looks forward to these moments with me.

(Isaac waving to the girls)

(Isaac jumping off stage to give them picks)

(Isaac jumping off stage to give them picks)

(Taylor singing to them)

(Taylor singing to them)

(official photo from Hanson team)

Our baby deer returned, this time with baby antlers.

The kiddos decorated their "gingerbread" chocolate chip cookie house.

Daddy read us Christmas stories.

and Daddy painted a ton of Christmas cards.

We did our annual trip to Bass Pro for the Christmas festivities, and visiting Santa one more time.

David made me a new addition to my Hanson wall, for my birthday.

We made all the holiday yummies!

Took advantage of a beautiful day outside.

On Christmas Eve, we followed our tradition of opening a box of PJs, books and movies to celebrate!

The next morning, we woke up and looked in our stockings, 

and then we headed to the tree to see what wonders had shown up over night. :) It was a great first Christmas for Everest! It was wonderful to wake up and celebrate Christmas in our own home, where we will have all sorts of wonderful memories to be made in the coming years.

Later that morning, David's parents came over and we opened their gifts as well, and had a yummy lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and garlic toast, followed up with a yummy homemade french silk pie.

Goose and I played with some of the new playdough that our neighbors got the girls for Christmas.

The kiddos got in some bonding time. These two are inseparable.

The next day, my parents showed up and surprised the kiddos!

The next afternoon, David's family came over to open gifts too!

We spent the next few days just hanging out with my parents.

Then Sophia lost her next tooth!

We finished up the month with a mini hike through a nearby park,

and spent the night having a sleepover for New Year's Eve, watching the ball drop.

And a few cute extras!