Friday, March 25, 2016

Large Family Update:

The month of February started off with me leveling up to Level 3 in Pole, which already knocked one goal off of this year's new year's goals!

A video posted by Erin Pocock (@erinpo84) on

A video posted by Erin Pocock (@erinpo84) on

I've wound up with a lot of battle wounds along the way, but my body has transformed so much! I just bought my first size 3 jeans in almost 10 years, and look at these muscles!

I also started making my own pole clothes! Turns out, a lot of people really like them, so I've been getting interest/orders from other members! :)

And our tax return came in, so we bought our own pole!!! Woo Hoo!! Since we got our pole, we've kind of turned into an entire pole family! Sophia started climbing and pole sitting within minutes of the pole being put up! She climbs and plays everyday! Rosalie likes to just hold on and spin around it. So cute & so proud! Our studio even started a "family membership" because of us, and are looking into holding a children's pole workshop!

Another project I took on was a "Marie" carrier, which I absolutely love how it turned out!

And as usual, I've been sewing like a beast. :)

We decided to make a plan to head to the local renaissance fair! We initially had a largish group planning to go, but most of them chickened out and it ended up being us and our friend Randy. It was a lot of fun! Thankfully they still had our Washing Well Wenches!

We joined some friends for an evening during their camping trip for a campfire cookout! :)

I early voted!

The girls got some valentine's gifts in the mail!

The girls went to the Dr. 

Daddy took another trip to California.

I had a pole photoshoot with Moments by Keeley!

I finally got picked to test a pattern! This is the Promise from Duck Butt Designs

I got my first period in years, and without the help of drugs! (While most people find this terrible or gross, I find it wonderful! It means my body is finally healing itself and that when/if we do decide to try for baby #3, it hopefully won't take a year and drugs to make it happen.)

So to celebrate, I started making Mama Cloth!

Now that the weather has been getting much better, we've been spending more time outside and have started taking evening walks through the neighborhood again too!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a visit to the Dr.

We picked up "T" and "Dus" from the airport!

We went to Enchanted Rock and had a picnic!

Then we headed to San Antonio to the Alamo and Riverwalk for dinner!

The next day we went to McKinney Falls! Unfortunately it was super cold out so swimming was out of the question but we did get nice pictures in the bluebonnet fields. :)

We did some running around, visited the Easter Bunny, and then spent the afternoon making a yummy dinner for an early mini Easter celebration, complete with an Easter egg hunt in the backyard!

The next day, we got up early and headed to Hamilton Pool and did the trails, then stopped at Johnson Park in Marble Falls for a picnic lunch! Along the way we found a beautiful assortment of ducks, geese and swans!

Then onward we went to Longhorn Caverns,

and finally called it a night at Mt. Playmore followed up with yummy ice cream for dessert!

Unfortunately, the following day was the day we had to say goodbye to T & Dus, but before that, we did a little more exploring, then off to the airport!

The day after they left, I got to participate in a photoshoot to help #normalizebreastfeeding! I feel grateful to have been able to take part in it. Texas Vogue Modeling did a fantastic job!

Now, here we are, just waiting for actual Easter to arrive! :) Lots of great things happening this year (my in-laws coming to visit, Carrie coming to visit, my parents may come to visit, our 10 year anniversary), we can't wait to see what else awaits us!