Monday, June 20, 2011

8 Weeks!

In good news (still not trying to get too excited) I've made it to 8 weeks! Today, David and I went to our 8 weeks Dr.'s appointment, and had another sonogram! Only this time instead of being a super tiny little black spot of a sac, it was, a kidney bean! lol. j/k. But you could actually see the baby, as see it's little heartbeat. It was insane. I also got the Dr. to write me a script for the meds that were suggested to me, so hopefully those will work. :) I go back for my next appointment on the 18th of next month and then will start taking monthly classes that are covered by my insurance, which meets as a group with other women that are due around the same time, so that I can hopefully make new friends and meet others that are going through the same things at the same time. A downside is that I found out that our family won't be able to make our Canada trip in December like we'd planned because I can't travel after December 20th, but it's okay. We're going to try and do spring break instead since the kids will be out of school, and I'll have a new baby to show off!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day out there to all you dad's! And a special shout out to my own husband who is now a father-to-be!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Determined To Make Today Better...

My dad and sister are out of town for a few days at a seminar in Tampa, and Dougal is helping Uncle Drew in Satellite Beach today, so mom, Nick, mom's friend and I are going to have a hang out day. Once David leaves for work, we're gonna go hang out and walk around the Avenue at Viera for a little bit. I'm just hoping that I can keep it together. This past week has been awful, since all of the nausea started to kick in. I'm hoping that I can keep something in my stomach throughout the day, so I can make it through without feeling sick all day. I am determined to try and make this day go smoother.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Official..

David's parents have been off on an awesome trip to Alaska for the past three weeks, so we've been waiting for a few weeks for them to come home so that we could share some good news. 

As many of you know, David and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year now, and have had some complications come up that have kind of put a damper on our ability to do so. After several months of being on hormones, it seemed like it wasn't working, or going to work, so I'd started thinking about what other options we'd have. Adoption was always a consideration, but we'd hoped to turn to that after we already have one of our own. Or there was also the option of IVF. 

Well two weeks ago, for some reason, I felt the need to go home that night and take a pregnancy test. As it turns out, there was a good reason.

Yep. It's official. We are pregnant! I went to the Dr. as soon as I found out, and we are apparently 6 weeks along, with a projected due date of January 31, 2012. 

We realize that it is still early, so there is still some cause for concern, as sometimes things happen, but I am trying to take it easy, and we are excited, but obviously cautious. However, after having known for two weeks, it's hard not to want to share it! So now that his parents are back from their trip and we got to tell them in person, we wanted to share with all of you! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jury Duty:

So I got up early this morning, as it way too early, because I  supposedly had jury duty again. I called the number though, and it said that for the week of the 31st, that I wasn't needed and not to show up. Except that this isn't the week of the 31st, it's the week of the 6th. So I got up, got dressed, after having pretty much no sleep, and drove down to the courthouse to find out that their system was messed up, and as it turns out, I didn't have to be there today. So they let me go home, and said to call again tomorrow and Wednesday to see if I'm needed. I'm kind of hoping not now, because getting up early and I don't ever mix. I always feel sick, and I can't eat breakfast that early or it makes me sick, so either way, it leads to me not feeling good. :(

In other news, David got a truck. :) It's an old one, an 86' Nissan pickup, that's in surprisingly great condition. My uncle took my parents' old Avalon, so they gave us his truck. :) He seems to really like it. So I'm happy for him. 

Tomorrow we're gonna try and go get the title and whatnot taken care of so that we can get insurance and change out our plates on it. And hopefully running by David's parents' to visit for a few if they are around since they'll be home from their trip today. :)