Monday, March 4, 2013

13 Months!

Man, as the days past it just goes faster and faster. Sophia is already 13 months old! We're just around the corner from celebrating her 2nd St. Patrick's Day, and her 2nd Easter!

This past month she has just perfected upon her walking, climbs anything and everything,

and has shown an actual interest in things, like more of her toys, playing dress up, 

and she really enjoys the Tinkerbell movies. She also learned to say "dada." :)

She's eating all sorts of big people food, but her favorite seems to be pasta (just like her mama!)

This month she also celebrated her 2nd Valentine's Day! We celebrated by going and having lunch with Daddy at work, and going to the farmer's market.

She's also started to do this new thing where when she sees that someone has walked into another room and closed the door, that she's going to lay down in front of the door and try to look under it to see what they're doing. She now also actually fist knocks on doors. 

And when that doesn't work, she tries to open the door. And is getting pretty darn close to being able to!

She also really loves to hang out and watch the pup's on the porch. She loves to give them kisses through the glass sliders!

She's become quite the big little person. She wants to do everything we do, including talking on the phone. Too cute!

She's also rather funny and creative. She'll take anything and play dress up, including Daddy's underwear!

This month she also got to celebrate three of her cousin's birthdays, as well as test drive some of their awesome toys! Her favorite was definitely the play house. (Maybe next Christmas?)

But our dare devil definitely didn't shy away from the trampoline. She just climbed her tiny butt up in there and started bouncing after having watched some of the bigger kids earlier. 

And she tried her first drawing on a magnadoodle! Not too shabby.

At the end of the month, we finally got in a little down time and Daddy treated us to a trip to Orlando. We went to the Florida Mall, where Sophia got to play in the Disney store and LOVED it! So since it was still pretty early and the weather had gotten nicer, we headed out to the downtown Disney! She got to dig for dinosaur bones at the T-Rex Cafe!

And meet Cinderella!

And of course try on a pair of the iconic Minnie Mouse ears (which I'm definitely going to make a pair or two of for our trip in June.)

And got to play with Mr. Potato Head! It was a much needed family day, and the end to an amazing month. 

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