Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New/Old Dr.:

So I did a search for providers under Blue Cross Blue Shield and found a Dr. I used to have as a child, but I wasn't sure why we'd stopped seeing him, if there'd been a problem or if our insurance was no longer covered or what. Turns out there were no problems, we just switched to my dad's Dr. So I now have an appointment at 10am on Friday and I'll fill out a records release form and they will have my records sent over. So I'll be able to get my UTI treated, and hopefully talk to him about getting two moles removed, without having to go to a specialist, since I have a mole on my back that hurts, and apparently is huring because it is ripping off. :(

Dr.s and Employment:

Dropped off my background check papers yesterday and did the drug test. This time they verified to me that as long as I pass everything, the job is mine because I was the first choice, which made me feel really good. :) My polygraph is set up for next Tuesday at 4:30pm in Rockledge. So we'll see how it goes, I'm a little nervous. Also, trying to find a new general practitioner. I refuse to go to Royal Oak anymore with all the bullshit they pull. And I've got another UTI again that I need to get seen for, and I have two moles that I need to get removed, so if anyone knows of a decent doctor locally that isn't Royal Oak, please let me know.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Background Check:

So I went in Friday morning, got like the 20 page background check papers, did my fingerprinting, and signed a paper of "offer of employment based on me passing the check", which from what I understand, means that as long as I pass it, I have the job. I finished filling out all of the paperwork except for the 5 pages that have to be notarized, because I've got to get them done at the Sheriff's office so it will be free. Tuesday I've got to go do the drug test, and drop off the papers since everyone's closed on Monday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ahhh! Looks like the prayers finally paid off! I just talked to the Sheriff's office b/c I called to check on the status since I never heard anything back, including a no, and they said they were just gonna call me today and ask me when I can come in for my background check! Ah! So I'm going in tomorrow at 11:30am to do the background check stuff! Ah!! So it sounds like as long as I pass everything, I'll get it! Ahh!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5/20/09 Update

Had a shoot yesterday in Largo. Had a blast, and stopped in to visit with some friends in Lakeland on the way home. :) Good times. Also started the new semester on Monday, and I won't lie, I'm terrified. This semester is going to be aweful. I'm doing two courses, just like I did in spring, except that one of my courses is only 5 weeks long, and the other runs the whole semester which is still shorter than a normal semester. I'm definitely going to have to bust my butt to keep my awesome GPA where it is. Very scared. Right now I'm watching Oprah from yesterday, and it's really beautiful.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interview in 30 minutes..

So my interview is in 30 minutes and I'm scared, but excited, but nervous. I want it so bad I can taste it! Agh! Just please please please let this one go well!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


so my interview is in just two days and I'm really nervous. I really really want it. I'm writing down the questions I have for them so that I don't forget. I'm getting very excited, just don't want to get my hopes up, but I can't express how great this job would be for me if I got it. It would improve basically everything in my life right now. Less gas/drive, more money, I could have lunches with my mom, they have tuition reimbusements, it's in my field, it's in an office, it'd be fabulous. PLEASE pray for me!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


in other good news, UCF apparently, when I started my master's program, reset my GPA, so now I have a 3.5 instead of the 2.99 that I'd had when I graduated last semester. :) Yay! So now I can start fresh, and busting my ass will actually count for something. I couldn't be happier right now!


Yay! I got another job interview with the Sheriff's Office on Wednesday at 1pm for a Judicial Technician position in Titusville. Please pray for me and keep your fingers crossed that I get this position so I can get the hell out of Fairvilla and into something that I'm good at and my schooling can have a use for.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First semester grades...

So the final grades came to a 99% and an 86.9%, so I ended up with a 3.5 for the semester. My new classes start in 11 days. I need to run by campus and pick up my books or have david get them for me. I'm very very grateful this semester because not only did David's parents help me significantly with tuition, but my grandparents sent me a check as well since financial aid for grad school just doesn't seem to exist. So thankful, so if either of you are reading, thank you so much!

Still looking very hard for a new job. I've applied for like a million of them at the sheriff's office, still waiting...trying to be patient.
Went for a really nice bike ride lastnight with David and my siblings and it felt really good, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. While we were out, we saw an armodillo (sp?), a big bat, and a bunch of fireflies. :) It was beautiful.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I have a 99% in my Sex Crimes class, and I'm waiting on my Cyber Crimes, because I still have a discussion posting grade and my grade from my final still to get back, but I just got back the grade on my paper and it was a 92% which currently has me at an 85% in the class. So we'll see..