Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crafting Away..

So David and I have been working like a fiend over the past two weeks to create some things to sell at the Mims Mullet Festival this coming Saturday. His mom got a table, so a few of us have been crafting to see what we come up with. I've been crocheting like crazy, and David has been woodworking. Here's a few shots of some of what I've gotten done so far.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Official!

So David and I, as well as my mom and Naner came with us for our 19 week ultrasound yesterday, in hopes of finding out what our baby is going to be. It was really neat, because the baby is so much bigger now, and was super active! Moving around like crazy, and kept putting it's head in my belly button to hide when the tech tried to take measurements. Apparently they'd had it in their computer that my due date was Feb. 4, despite having been initially told that it was Jan. 31, but she said that according to the measurements and growth, that I am in fact due Jan. 30. So very close! :) 

Yesterday was rough because they I had to get up so much earlier and they wanted me to drink 32 oz. of water (which not pregnant would have made me sick) an hour before going in, but combine me trying to drink that much, with getting up super early, and having run out of my pills a few days before, it did not make for fun times, and I ended up getting sick halfway into the ultrasound, and once again after at David's parents' house. 

But in good news, our baby was not shy and we were able to get a visual!!! So the wait is over...we are officially going to have a baby GIRL!!

Afterwards we went out for celebratory lunch at Olive Garden. All in all, a pretty good, exciting day!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Footy Footy Football!!

So happy! Football season is back and it sure took long enough. Nick and I have been watching the preseason NFL games, but the season has officially started, and boy is it off to a great start. FSU had a great game tonight, with a win of 34-0. We're currently watching UCF's game, and it too is off to a great start. They already had two touchdowns in the first quarter. Way to be! So glad to have something to keep me occupied, and it's nice bonding time for me and Nick. :)