Thursday, March 19, 2015


I'm so excited! So I've found a new obsession/hobby. I LOVE making baby carriers. I bumped into this pattern called Sew Toot in a DIY Babywearing group on Facebook, and I am just in love. The woman, Devan, is brilliant, super nice, and even has a help group on Facebook if you have any hiccups with it. It's very easy to follow, comes in many size options including a mini for your kid's to use with babydolls, and has pictures of the process. I'm hooked! At first, I made an "infant" one for Rosalie, with a removable hood. They have been compared to the Ergo and Tula, but closer to the Tula design.

(She fell asleep in it)

Once some of my friends caught sight, they asked if I could make them one since they don't have sewing machines, so I offered to make one for two friends if they purchased the materials. Last night I completed the first friend's. 



(in use)

It can also be used in a back carry which I haven't done with Rosalie yet but did with Sophia. Next on my list, I will be making a Star Wars themed one for a friend, a special Disney surprise themed one for Sophia, and a mini Princess one for Sophia to use with her dolls. So excited and so proud! I wish so badly that I could sell them, but can't afford the cost of becoming compliant. :( Oh well, for now it'll be my own personal love, and hey! They will make some great baby shower gifts. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Month 5 & Family Update:

Wow, that month flew by! We started it off by taking a lovely day trip up to St. Augustine! It was President's Day weekend and the National Parks were free, and there was a groupon for half price at Lightner Museum. So we packed for our day and hit Lightner first...

followed by a delicious lunch at A1A Aleworks.

Afterwards we took a stroll to visit Castillo de San Marcos

(the carrier I made for Rosalie)

Sophia had a blast!

At this point, the sun was starting to set, so we hightailed it over to S.W.I.N.G. park and boy was our timing perfect because the next day they were shutting it down indefinitely for updates.

In other news, Rosalie is now 5 months old!!! She is soooo active and "talks" a lot. She loves playing with so many more of her toys now and is super attentive. She wants to be doing what everyone else is doing.

She got to swing on her first swing,

and Sophia can now swing herself by propelling her legs!

She also loves to climb rock climbing walls (all by herself.)

We also got super lucky on timing because we were able to snag $8 tickets to Seaworld's Aquatica! The caveat was you had to pick the day a month in advance and "hope" the weather would be reasonable. Meanwhile, two days before our trip, it went down to 29* in FLORIDA! Somehow that day the high was 80*! Yay!

Rosalie got to experience her first "pool."

Sophia LOVED the (not so) lazy river!

The girls still get along so great, but Sophia is definitely making life hard with the outrageous tantrums that she throws almost daily. She's so smart and it kills me that she chooses to act that way because she knows better. 

Rosalie started rolling tummy to back!

She also got to try her first food! I'd planned to wait until 6 months (as suggested) like I did with Sophia, but this kid had been eyeballing my food for a month, and when she started lunging at Sophia to take hers from her, I decided I'd give it a chance.

She also started rolling back to belly!

She loves being worn, especially by Daddy.

(a ring sling I made for her)

We started doing fun little trips as a family, and going out geocaching. Sophia LOVES finding little treasures and leaving special new ones for the next people. It's a lot of fun and is something we all get to enjoy together.

Rosalie also really enjoys both being nekkid and eating her toes.

She even started sitting up unassisted. Unfortunately she was quicker to get her toes than I was to get a good picture of her sitting. She likes to sit herself up from the boppy pillow. Her ab strength is incredible. 

She is now 26" and ~15.5 lbs. She's such a big girl, and so sweet and cuddly!