Monday, July 20, 2015

New Venture:

Well, now that we are all settled in, I've decided that it'd be nice to maybe get a part time job to pay off debts faster so I sent on my resume for a work at home position with Apple, which would be amazing, so fingers crossed that that will work out. 

Additionally, what started as just me wanting more cloth diapers for Rosalie, has now turned into a mini side venture. I have started making cloth pocket diapers and undies to sell, and I am absolutely obsessed!

Goose loves her new undies!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

9 Months & Family Update:

Nine months old! Can you believe it!? She is now 17.3 lbs. and 28.25 inches long. She has two teeth, with more on the way, and is constantly on the move. She wants to be doing whatever Sister is doing.

Sophia received her first mail! She got letters from T and Grandma, and a gift box of goodies from Grandmommy and Granddaddy. 

Rosalie got her first pair of shoes.

We took a hike to a set of waterfalls.

I finally caught her waving!

We celebrated Rosalie's first Father's Day.

Sophia started swim lessons!

Rosalie became a terrorist.

My family flew out to visit for 8 days!!!

We went to the Thinkery,

and we found the girls' flower girl dresses for Renee's wedding!

We picked up daddy from the airport after a work trip to California for a few days. 

We took my family to several local falls to swim!

(Renee jumping off one of the falls)

(mom on top of the rocks)

We went to the Capital.

David and I got to have a date night!

and we celebrated the Fourth of July at the Frontier Days Festival!

(pig races)

(pony rides)

The next day, my family went home, but the adventure continued.

After we dropped them at the airport, we headed to check out Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

It was quite beautiful.

We also got Rosalie transferred to her the crib, in her shared room with Goose. The first two nights were amazing. Lastnight was a bit rough but she also started teething again, so we shall see how it goes.