Thursday, February 12, 2015

Month Four & Family Update:

This month was a pretty lazy one. Mostly just catching our breathe from the past few months. Daddy spent a lot of time trying to fix his truck, but we did make it out a few times. Rosalie is now four months old. She is 13 lbs. 10.5 oz. and 25.5 inches long.  She has now rolled front to back and back to front once. She LOVES to stand any chance she gets and "talks" a ton. She also loves to play with her little toys and teething up a storm, and she finally found her toes. She can sit herself up from laying, but then falls to the side, but very soon. 

Sophia is also now officially potty trained! She is in big girl panties and has one or no accidents and has been waking up dry! :)

The girls still love to play together so far.

We took a family trip to the Green Meadows Farm with an offer that we got off of Groupon. 

Sophia got to ride a pony and hold baby chicks and baby ducks. 

She got to feed baby pigs and goats and a cow. 

She got to hold chickens,

and milk her first cow!

She pet and fed sheep,

rode a train, a hayride, and played on the playground.

And what is a farm without a bunch of giant tractors to play on?

Rosalie is doing so good with getting herself up. No doubt she'll be crawling in no time. 

I took the girls strawberry picking.

We took Goose to do her three year old photos, 

and she turned THREE!

We celebrated with a big birthday party!

I got a little time after the girls went to sleep and got to break out the sewing machine and my embroidery machine that I got for Christmas, and made Rosalie a soft structured carrier (SSC). So happy with how it turned out. Next, I am making Sophia an Aurora inspired one. 

We went to the park (this is the ring sling that I am Rosalie as well.)

Sophia can climb rock walls by herself now. Yikes!

Till next month...