Wednesday, April 1, 2020

February 2020 Update:

Birdo is absolutely loving learning to cruise!

We took an afternoon hike to Panola State Park.

We studied the Cherokee Tribe, and the kids decided they wanted to make their own hut.

Birdo started popping up his 3rd & 4th teeth.

We enjoyed a fun game night.

We made some more progress in the pantry,

David swapped my sewing door,

and decided that it was time to get the fitness room in gear, 

The girls did a ton of work!

David got the floor painted with garage paint.

The girls helped with the next coat!

Finally, the fitness room is complete!

We had a random snow day that made us all giddy!

Goose booked her first feature film as an extra! More info to share once it's released! :)

We attended one of our friend's homeschool classes, and made valentine's for the local nursing home!

The girls both received two awards through 4H for their participation in community projects!

The girls' dance studio had visitor day, so we got to get a peek at what they've been up to!

On Valentine's Day, David's parents came by to give the kiddos some treats, and I headed out in the evening to film my first extra roll on The Resident! 

While I was gone, Daddy got bedtime dealt with for the kiddos. 

We visited a playground!

We went bike riding!

Rosalie worked her first booked job for a Camelbak modeling campaign!

The kids took back to the pole instantly!

Spring showed up a little early. :)

Everest learned to clap hands!


We spent some time out in the back.

And Rosalie turned into mommy's little helper!

Lastly, we ended the month celebrating Eliana's 8th (2nd) birthday!!