Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Update:

We started off the month of August by heading to Seaworld to see the final show of Seamore & Clyde Take Pirate Island. :( It was a bit bittersweet. 

We also finally completed Sophia's big girl room and made the transition. She LOVES her big girl room!

We attended the Prego Expo in Orlando,

and I got my belly painted.

Sophia started up gymnastics again. 

And I've been sewing like a mad woman. I've been working like crazy on all of our Halloween costumes as well as a ton of things for Rosalie, including this hospital gown, that I'd initially intended to wear for birth, but after thinking about it, have decided to just wear it once I get moved to my room for pictures with the girls. :)

Football season started up!

We attended my nephew, Alex's birthday, and have been very lucky to get in quite a bit of cousin time recently. Sophia loves the snot out of her cousins.

Here is Sophia's Halloween Elsa costume that I made.

And the carseat and stroller that I recovered.

I've also started working with Sophia as frequently as I can on early homeschooling. It obviously doesn't count towards anything other than her education at this point, but seriously, I am so impressed by her. 

She can do 90% of the 6 different flashcards sets that we have.

As well as choosing to do 8 pages in one sitting in 5 different 4-6+ year old workbooks, without help.

We've also been including lots of reading and art projects as well. 

And even threw in a little music class.

We also got to check out this random winter snow festival that was really neat. They had a little area of snow that the kids could play in,

a big 80 foot long ice slide that they could tube down,

and ice skating. She LOVED it!! She did so well, because the tubing we weren't able to go with her, and she came off and immediately wanted to go again. Very proud of her. 

We also got to spend a bit of time with David's family and the kiddos got to play, while David worked on Rosalie's changing table some more. 

And we finally had my baby shower! It was highly successful!

After the shower, we were able to use the gift cards we got to get the last few things that we still needed, which are all supposed to arrive tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. :) Tomorrow I head for my 4th NST. My last appointment was Monday, for my 37 weeks and learned that I'm already 2cm and 70% effaced, and have been having stronger contractions more frequently now, so it's looking like little Rosalie may end up making her presence a bit before her due date. I can't wait to meet her. That said, I have my the carseat installed and my hospital bag packed (except for toiletries that I currently use) and have a plan in place for Sophia should things start happening soon. So here we are, in the waiting game. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Football Season!!!

Woo hoo! I've been waiting all year for collegiate football to start! I used to like pro too, but in recent years, I've just found it to be more boring and became less and less enthusiastic about it. Collegiate on the other hand, my love has only grown. Last year, I even got lucky!! I've been a lifelong FSU fan, and sadly, they had a rather long stretch of not being known for being so great, but I didn't give up love, and last year totally paid off! We became the National Champions!!!!! Woo Hoo!! I could not be more proud! Since Sophia was born, we've all dressed up to watch the games, and look forward to it each week! 

This year, with baby Rosalie on the way, I've been looking around to see what cute items they have to offer now for both babies and toddlers, and look at these awesome finds!! Seriously dying over all of the cuteness!