Friday, April 13, 2018

Spring Is In The Air:

I've continued on with my personal training sessions and have lost about 6 lbs. but gained a ton of muscle!

I started laser hair removal in order to prep for Jamaica using Simplicity Laser.

Goose's school did a Peace Rock thing in response to the Florida shootings. They each decorated a river rock and each rock was placed together to force a giant (or several) peace signs. Additionally, each child gathered together to make a giant peace sign. It was really incredible.

We've been enjoying hiking again now that the weather has finally started to be good again.

I decided to start taking Rosalie to Storytime at our local library to give her something fun to do and maybe get some extra socialization. They read stories, sing songs, dance, and show little short videos. Sometimes they have puppets too. Very cute.

I took a pole class again after several weeks away, to see where I'm at physically and what I can still do.

We took a day trip to Waco and ended up checking out the Waco Mammoth National Monument, where Sophia became a Junior Ranger, Baylor University's campus, and picked up a Waco Library card.

We started donating and reorganizing a bunch of our junk. We've turned slightly into hoarders and have been trying to get out of that mentality a bit. We have so much stuff that we just don't use or need, so we finally said goodbye to some of it.

We made a huge decision to move this summer. David's job approved for him to be able to work full time from home which means that we can live anywhere. We always knew that Austin wasn't going to be our home. It was never the plan. The plan had been to wait another year or two, we just got lucky and it's allowing us to do it sooner. So after much discussion, we've decided that as soon as Goose gets out of school in June, we will be packing our things and heading back to the east coast to Georgia. We will be about 45 mins. from my in laws, an hour from a lot of the girls' cousins, about 9 hours from his other sister, and less than 8 hours home to my family and Disney. It will mean that seeing family will be a priority, and that for holidays and birthdays, that we can have our family around. This is huge for our girls. We are planning to rent for the first year, and then hopefully finally buy again so that we can lay down our roots somewhere. We are all very excited about it.

I discovered the Cedar Park Railroad and amongst the little trails that I take Rosalie on, I decided one afternoon to check this out. It was cute, and Rosalie had a blast.

We also took a short trip downtown during SXSW.

Since we've decided to move, we've also decided to use the next few weekends that we have available to do some of the things in Texas that we really want to do, since we may very well not be back. :/ So we packed up the girls and took a day trip to San Antonio. Our plan had been to go to Brackenridge Park and have a picnic, then take the train to the Doseum, but it was St. Patrick's Day and there was some massive event going on so the traffic was insane. Instead we ended up heading directly to the Doseum and it was like the Thinkery, on crack. It was amazing! There was so much to do! What we thought would take two hours or so ended up taking the entire day! The girls had so much fun! They loved it!

We finally booked our Jamaica tickets, now that we knew we'd be flying out of Atlanta instead of Dallas like originally planned.

David took us out on a beautiful sunset boat ride in the canoe. The girls loved taking turns using their little paddle.

During the week, I'd wanted to keep up with my cardio and trails, so I took Rosalie out to Pease Park for some fresh air, exercise and Pokemon Go.

Rosalie has continued on with her swim lessons in preparation for our trip to Jamaica in June.

Sophia was off of school for some holiday, so we decided to take her to see the Cedar Park Railroad train as well. She too had a lot of fun!

David and I decided to check out one of the trails at McKinney Falls State Park. We walked almost 5 miles, saw lots of pretty nature, and even got rained on a little. We got to put our feet in the water and had a wonderful day outside.

Even though Goose was in school, I decided to take Rosalie to Sweet Berry Farms to do some strawberry picking! She's not a fan of strawberries, but I thought she'd enjoy the experience, and Sophia and I would enjoy eating them. :) I was right! They were finished off in less than two days!

After we picked strawberries, we headed to Reagan to work on Goose's class "Superhero" themed raffle basket for the Carnival.

Reagan Elementary had their annual Spring Carnival! It ended up being a lot of fun! They had a dunk tank, and we got to dunk Sophia's teacher! They had face painting, snow cones, nail painting, and they even had a petting zoo! It was filled with the cutest baby animals I've ever seen!

The next morning, I woke up to Rosalie fussing at 1:44am. When I got up, I heard loud running water downstairs so I went down to see if Carrie accidentally left the faucet on. Instead I stepped down into 3 inches of sitting water and our wood floors were literally floating. The entire first floor was flooded. We spent until 5am moving everything we could. Some of the casualties were our dining set, two craft cabinets, my Macbook Pro, my Silhouette cutting machine as well as a few other smaller items. We've since spent the past 2.5 weeks stressing about it, and are still currently waiting for contractors to actually come and begin fixing it. As of now, all of the floors are gone from downstairs, parts of the walls are cut off with wires and insulation exposed, and we have no kitchen. It's a mess. Originally they told us 30 days, one day 1. Then 1.5 weeks ago, two contractors came out and told us 4-6 weeks once they start. Two and a half weeks have passed since the flood and they still haven't started, and we move in the first week in June. I don't think we will end up making it back into this house before it is complete. It's incredibly stressful and frustrating, and I hate having no control over any of it. Meanwhile we pocket all the cost until after it's all done. It's insane and I'm struggling to keep it all together.

The next morning was Thalia's birthday party. We couldn't miss it. Needless to say, I was very tired though. But the girls had a great time, and we want to get in whatever time we can with our Austin family before we no longer are there.

Immediately following Thalia's birthday was Sophia's girl scout meeting at the firehouse, and the girls got to take a tour of the firehouse as well as one of the trucks.

We visited the Easter Bunny!

Since we were displaced by the flood, Easter came on us super fast and we had no actual plans, and our typical Easter wasn't going to happen, so instead, we woke up early, had an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard, and proceeded to hop in the car and headed to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio! It may be the last chance we get to go again before we move! On the bright side, our passes are good at any location and through December! Thankfully there's one in Altanta too so we'll still get to have a lot of fun, just at a different location.