Thursday, September 17, 2020

June 2020 Update:

We started the month with final preparations to start our new school year! As mentioned, we decided to do a Harry Potter themed curriculum this year and were pretty excited to start! I'm only now realizing that I completely forgot to take beginning of the school year pictures, ugh... 

The girls started to take on more responsibility and independence in the house, like making their own lunches.

We made a lot more progress on the back hall bathroom reno! We got it painted and floorboards in. 

We installed the wall mounts for the towel holders and toilet paper holder.

We worked some more on the barn door.

And made more gates!

We spent more time out enjoying the pool and splashing around!

More fruits and veggies started popping up in the gardens and on the property.

I refinished the front porch garden with pretty pavers that our neighbor, Nancy, gave to us.

We officially started our new school year! Rosalie is fully in kindergarten this year, and Sophia is in 3rd grade!

We even made some yummy lemon pops out of the Harry Potter cookbook.

We participated in the UGA Eat the Rainbow program again too!

We tried our hand at making refrigerator pickles.

Our sweet momma deer came back with the two babies that had been born in our back yard the month prior.

"T" aka Renee (my sister) and her family stopped in for a quick visit on their way to their vacation. We got to have a picnic and play for a few hours, and give them a tour of the house!

Sophia and Rosalie both outgrew their bikes, so we had to upgrade Sophia's so that Rosalie could have her prior one.

We went for a hike at Indian Spring State Park.

The girls celebrated early Christmas (Yep, they are mine) by wearing their dresses, putting on our favorite holiday songs, and making/decorating Christmas cookies!

Birdo took his first steps! It was completely unexpected and he was soooo proud of himself!

I decided to take down the old garden and relocate it to a better place that was more "deer proof." This old garden will now become home to our corn in spring.

I started building up the new garden space.

Everest had his first dentist appointment which he wasn't super happy about. It was at lunch time and late to start. Hangry Everest isn't a fun one.

The girls started learning to sew, and made little pillows and blankets for their barbies. 

We finally found our newest family member, Sandy!

We celebrated Father's Day and had Bruce come over, and I made him a homemade pecan pie!

Birdo got new big boy shoes! He's obsessed!

We took a twice rescheduled long weekend trip up to Tennessee. We were supposed to go in March right as everything started to shut down, and some of our tickets were going to expire if we didn't use them within a week. 

Oh, birdo also decided he was big, and can now climb to the second story of the play barn.

We had so much fun! We had a picnic in Cherokee, a hike in the rain at Cade's Cove, a day at Dollywood with our wonderful friend, Hawk, a field trip to the Titanic Museum and a field trip to the Aquarium, followed by a picnic at Mynatt Park before a nasty storm creeped in, then home again!