Monday, December 8, 2014

Month Two & Family Update:

My baby is getting to be so big. She can put her pacifier (which she only gets when I'm not able to be with her, like when I'm driving) in and out by herself. 

(Sister love)

This month she has started actually playing with some of her toys, like the mirror on her playmat.

She gives us lots and lots of smiles and cooing, and has even started to LAUGH!

We went on a trip with David's parents to the Kennedy Space Center to see Atlantis, which was so worth it!

(Mercury capsule)

(Bus ride to Saturn V)

(The One and Only Atlantis)

(Sophia in the cockpit)

(Sophia and Daddy in the Space Station)

We celebrated a small, intimate Thanksgiving at my parents' house and then went for a second little one at my in laws as well.

We also (since it was included in the price of admission to KSC) went to check out the Astronaut Hall of Fame (which I've never been to) and Sophia really enjoyed the interactive side.

(Sophia landing the orbiter)

We also went out on Black Friday to purchase our beautiful Christmas tree. Someone however was being cranky and begged Daddy to let her have her own tree, so Daddy caved and now the girls each have their own little prelit trees that they can decorate themselves in coming years. Sophia LOVES hers. 

(Rosalie's first ornament)

We also made a trip out to Seaworld again for their winter celebration.

We went for Rosalie's 2 month checkup, but both girls got sick, so she wasn't able to get her vaccines or her ears pierced. She goes back on Friday to get both taken care of. We did however get her measurements. She is now 23.5 inches long and 10 lbs. 12 oz. 

We met up with Aunt Elizabeth and the boys for lunch and then went to the Cracker Christmas Festival.

They got to feel pelts like we did in Tennessee.

We also celebrated Uncle Doug & Aunt Chelle's 1 year anniversary.

This next month has a lot more going on.