Monday, September 30, 2013

20 Months:

Sophia is officially 20 months old! She is just 4 short months away from her second birthday already!? What is happening!? I suppose I will have to start thinking ahead and planning soon. 

So this past month was pretty exciting, we had a lot going on, but it's just going to get more busy from here on out through the end of the year. 

We went to the farmer's market at Lake Eola and fed the swans.

We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather (in between storms).

We took a trip to Seaworld and brought Daddy with us to see Jack Hanna! 

(Oh! And football season started! GO NOLES!)

We had family photos taken :) Here are a few of my faves.

She currently has 8 teeth on bottom and 6 teeth on top but has one of her top canines about to break through any day. She's also eating a lot more different foods now, but has decided that she no longer wants her own plate. She just wants to share off whatever we're having, which is fine as long as she's eating. She's been eating chicken nuggets and chicken tenders, and even tried cajun pork chops the other day. She also really likes Daddy's southwest grilled chicken that he eats in his salads. And she LOVES rice: white rice, fried rice, cajun red beans and rice...

She is still SUPER active! She still goes to tumbling class every Wednesday and does great! She gives me tons of kisses and lots of snuggles! She's very "in charge." I love that about her, but of course we have to let her know that she doesn't get to boss Mommy and Daddy around. 

She has the CUTEST way to get our attention now. If she wants our attention and we are busy doing something, instead of coming over and crying/screaming at us, she simply kisses us on our arm (or whatever is handy) until we pay attention. It is soooo cute and sweet. :)

She's really smart too. She knows too many animals to count, as well as most of the sounds that they make. She also knows that "David" is "Dad" without being told. She loves to read and do puzzles, and stack blocks. She gets so excited when she gets them stacked up high! And she's so super sweet. When we went to the Zoo, there was a little girl next to us that wanted to feed the animals, but her mom had no money. Sophia (completely unprompted) walked up the little girl and gave her a handful of the food that she had, to share with the little girl. Then twice now at tumbling class a little girl that we'll call N started attending. N is very shy and has been very upset when her mom/grandma leave. Twice the mom has come out to tell me that Sophia has gone up to her daughter and hugged her to make her feel better since N is sad. She has a heart of gold. 

We celebrated Grandma's birthday! We went to the Brevard Zoo for $2 Tuesdays, and even convinced Grandma and Papa to come! 

Sophia got to feed the giraffes....

...and the deer!

After walking the zoo, she went a played with Grandma for a little while in the kiddy pool area that they have there.

We took a day trip to St. Augustine with our Canadian friend, Craig.

We painted...

...played with water balloons that Grandmommy bought...

....played with the watering table....

....and the hose.

We had lunch with Craig before he headed down south to treasure hunt. :)

We went to the park that Mommy and Daddy got married at and played in the fountains!

Her vocabulary has exploded! I'd been a little concerned at the lack of talking that she did, but in one week it just all came out! She has too many words to remember/type, but the ones she uses the most frequently are:

Sit (as a command to us)
Bob (her lizard friend)
Boop (Book)
Peees (Please)
Pop (Popcycle) 
Poop (for potty in general)

Oh, and she loves Monsters, Inc. :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Reads/Movies:

Ironman 3
Silver Linings Play Book
Steel Magnolias
Scary Movie 5
Now You See Me

Monday, September 16, 2013

An old classmate needs your help:

An old schoolmate of mine recently had twins. One was born with significant amounts of fluid on her brain. They are currently raising money to get her a procedure done that will potentially help minimize the amount of brain damage caused by the fluid. If you can help or stand to donate even $5, every little bit helps! They are currently up to 66% and that is all from today!! That's amazing! Good thoughts their way are definitely welcomed. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gardening Update:

So it's only been 4 days since I planted those seeds, and already my broccoli and lettuce have sprouted. :) This round seems at least a little promising.