Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life in General..

Things here are going a lot better. :) David had an interview last Tuesday for a second job (part-time). They seemed to really want him! On Friday he got an e-mail saying that they'd like to offer him a position! Tomorrow morning he goes in to get the official written offer, and start on the paperwork! I'm so happy/excited for him! It's in town, just a few minutes from the house, and will definitely help with the finances. 

In other random news, I've always felt super close to my Italian roots, maybe in part since I don't really know any of my others..but at any rate, I've always wanted to move them, but that's obviously nowhere even close in the cards right now, but I did buy a cookbook a little while back,  My Calabria, since that is where my family is from. I wanted to learn what their food is like and get a little closer to my roots. I also decided that while I've always wanted to learn Italian that it was high time I get off my butt and do something about it! So I have begun teaching myself Italian, via Rosetta Stone! I really like the setup and am doing really well! I'm so excited! 

Sophia is doing great! She's super active, and LOVES to be outside, 

and to read books (er have them read to her). She LOVES Disney princesses! So I've decided that once it comes time for her big girl room, I'm going to do it in princess theme! I can't wait! She's become so independent and loves to help out! Whether it's folding laundry, swiffering the floors, gardening, moving furniture or cleaning up toys! 

I'm so proud of the big girl that she's becoming!

Yesterday she was able to really put those skills to use. My SIL is having a garage sale this Saturday so we spent all day going through all of our stuff and seeing what we can get rid of, which triggered general house cleaning and allowed up to make room in the back room (junk room) to become a guestroom as well as move the stuff in my craft room into there so that my craft room can eventually become Sophia's big girl room, since we're planning to start trying for baby #2 later this summer. :) 

We're also trying to organize the house better too! Tomorrow we're picking up some items from my friend, Carrie, that she's getting rid of since she's moving, and we're also trying to build a new pantry area in our foyer closet. It is all coming together and feeling more like a home. It seems that things may finally be starting to fall all into place. :)

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