Tuesday, May 12, 2020

April 2020 Update:

So with all the rainy weather we had for a week or so, we didn't get out to turn the compost like we'd been doing, and by the time we could out there, things were beginning to grow. So we decided to wait and see what it was..

We made even more progress on the pantry!

We made a ton more masks for doctors offices, the fire department and numerous essential personnel.

We took a socially distanced short hike at a nearby park.

We made more progress on the treehouse/playground.

Rosalie had been begging us to take out the rock tumbler that they got for Christmas, so we began our first tumbling adventure.

In case you were wondering....rock tumbling takes like a month. It's a very timely process, hence all the times we've had to swap out.

I decided to get out in the yard and get rid of all of the honeysuckle that has taken over my grapes. My poor grapes are a good 30 feet up in the trees trying to get away from the honeysuckle.

Thankfully it seemed to help and the grapes started to take back over. 

This kid LIVES for tractor rides. 

This is his reaction 2 mins later when he was told the ride was done.

We did some school lessons using the free lesson plans that scholastic posted during the virus. The kiddos had fun with it. On beautiful days, we move school outside.

More beautiful spring things started popping up.

This is some of our mint.

And our peaches.

We found this guy in the yard.

Daddy and Rosalie took a canoe trip while Sophia, Everest, and I headed to the Dr.

We opened up the pool!

We made some Easter jello jigglers.

And did some Easter themed lessons.

Rosalie's first picture for Camelback was posted! So proud of my little girl!

We played some fun board games.

Unfortunately, because of the virus, we weren't able to get our hands on any white eggs to decorate, and the brown didn't take color, so the girls drew on them and put on stickers instead.

Easter weather was supposed to be rubbish, so we decided to do our egg hunt the day before.

That night, we left out some tasty treats for the Easter Bunny.

The girls even made some lovely cards.

The next morning, the Easter Bunny had visited!

We did a curbside pickup to our favorite local farm and picked up a gallon of fresh strawberries, and a quart of strawberry ice cream and peach ice cream.

We introduced the girls to the NES.

Their fave game however, is Donkey Kong.

We took a day and went out to start cleaning out the island in the front. We found pathways we didn't even know existed. We still have a bit to do, but we made huge progress. 

The girls are obsessed with Minecraft.

Next up on our homesteading skills, the girls and I decided to give our hand to making essential oils with some of the items in our yard, that we can eventually use either in their machines, in soaps or in candles. Rosalie and I started with some jasmine!

Next up, both girls helped with the honeysuckle. (We left a section out near the grapes)

Lastly, Rosalie helped with the rosemary, which we can also eventually use in making the thieves oil.

The girls started riding their bikes again in the yard. Rosalie is now attempting to learn without training wheels, and Goose has outgrown her bike. :(

This face just say it all, sharing his first fudgecicle with me. 

 This cute little guy we saw flying out all summer, but this time we found him in the loft of our barn. I <3 him.="" p="">

This crazy monster is going to give me a heart attack.

In other news, this month I caught up on some reading, and found a new book that I adore, which is Reese Witherspoon's Whiskey in a Teacup. 

Everest also finally got his one year checkup! He was 31.5" inches long, and 24 lbs. 4.5 oz. :) He eats absolutely everything. He loves food, and he LOVES music. Anytime any music comes out his body can't help but dance. He adores his sisters, and loves trying to explore absolutely everything. He waves a ton, and says hi, bye, up, and yeah in addition to mom and dad.

The girls also got to have a ZOOM meeting with their 4H people since their meeting had to be cancelled.