Monday, December 31, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Months:

I swear that this year has passed by in the blink of an eye. Sophia is 10 months old already! And so much has happened this month! 

This past month, Sophia has now moved up to FIVE teeth, and is working on a sixth!

We celebrated our first Halloween, Daddy's 28th birthday, our first Thanksgiving and Mommy and Daddy's 6 year anniversary!

Sophia also started wearing shoes, and participated in her first Step Up For DS Walk in support of her cousins.

She also has learned to clap hands, high five, and bonk heads! She cruises everywhere, holding one handed while she walks, and crawls and climbs everywhere, including up and down from the couch, boxes, toys, etc. 

New Foods
pizza crust
grilled cheese
deli meat
mac n cheese
pumpkin bread
and tons of others that I forgot to write down

December will hold even more new and exciting things! I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well here we are...we have entered November! And so far it's off to a great start! I worked my first ever Thirty-One party and it was quite successful! I earned a paycheck, my hostess earned a bit of free product, plus half off items and hostess exclusives! And I was able to also earn TWO free products myself through the incentives program! That's awesome! Now I just need to sell $200 more of products because the 16th in order to get the incentive that I really, really want! So if anyone wants to order anything, they make GREAT gifts and will be here well before Christmas! You can even personalize them! 

Last night, Renee and I went out to Waterford to go find Sophia some shoes for Canada, and a few footed 12 month sleepers as well. We found her a cute, cheapish pair of fuzzy boots that look like mine, and 3 fuzzy sleepers. So hopefully that'll be good for her. And the weather was fantastic and they even had Christmas music playing! It was wonderful! It felt like the holidays and have me in a super fantastic mood! :)

This morning we got up and went to vote! We didn't even have a line. We walked in, signed in, voted and left! :) Now the plan is for David to go mow at his parents' house and then try to get the dogs finished with their haircuts and whatnot so that we can take them in for shots. 

Then a week from today is David's birthday! Yay! :)

Then the following Thursday is Thanksgiving! And then two days later it will be our 6 year (married) anniversary! :) Busy month! And then it's December which will be even busier!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

9 Months Old!

Can you believe it!? I can't! My sweet, beautiful is 9 months old already! She's 3/4 of the way to her first birthday! What is happening!? 

I continue to be blown away with how much Sophia grows, and all that she learns! For the most part this month she's mostly worked more on honing in the skills that she's already learned. She LOVES to play with toys now! She climbs, she stands on her own, she's trying to play with syllables more, loves bubbles baths and snuggling! 

This past month we've spent (on and off, so not as consistent as we should have been) trying to move Sophia to her own bed, that David so beautifully handmade her! 

It's been a tough road, but this past week she has shown SO much improvement! Last night, she went to bed at 10:30pm (her normal bedtime is 11pm because of David's work schedule) and she was asleep by 10:45pm. She woke up around 1am for all of maybe 10 minutes and was back out! She didn't wake up until I woke her up at 10am to come feed and to come to my room to snuggle because it'd suddenly gotten so much colder. 

I don't currently have her new measurements but we go back to the Dr. for her 9 month shots next Monday, so I'll be able to update that in here then. She's super tall and super skinny though! She's in mostly 12 month clothing now, but can still comfortably wear 0-3 shorts. Crazy! 

This month has been full of excitement! While we haven't reached the official "Halloween" yet, we did get to celebrate this past weekend at two fall festivals!

At this point, she's pretty much decided that she's done with baby foods altogether and wants people foods. So now she still 98% breastfed, and then gets some fruits and veggies and breads and whatnots to eat occasionally too! She really likes cucumbers, bananas, apples, and steamed zucchini. 

She is however,  going to be the death of me. The girl is crazy. At just over 8 months old, and only having gotten to use this thing properly maybe 2-3 times, David and I turned around just in time to find our little monster CLIMBING out of the baby fence. What!?

She still is the silliest kid I know. She has personality for days and it just keeps gaining more and more every day! She's is such a sweet, happy (mischievous) little girl. She lights up my life. 

This month Sophia attended her first "Mullet Festival." Unfortunately, it was really hot and got rained out, so we didn't get to do much or stay for long, but she at least got to see the tiger and the pony and goats. 

She also got to go to her first pumpkin patch to get her first pumpkin for Halloween!

This is the one she picked! Mostly because she wanted to eat the stem. LoL. 

We also went to the playground for the first time! She was a little overwhelmed though because there were TONS of kids and FOUR birthday parties going on, so it was very loud and obnoxious. But she DID get to go down the awesome slide with Mommy and Auntie. 

And play on the mini rock climbing wall.

She also has decided that she is going to be Mommy's little helper! Nothing like starting her young. Haha. 

Then we went to our first of two fall festivals! This one was at Chain of Lakes. 

She even got to play a game or two!

One of the "presents" she got from trick or treating was a mini bag of cheetos. Sophia has been working on her next two teeth the past week or two so she likes chewing on the bags, and LOVES the sound it makes. So in the car on the way home I tossed her the bag to play with. No sooner did I turn to look out the window, did I hear a loud POP, and turn to find her COVERED in cheetos. Literally seconds is all it took for me to dive in and try to get them out of her reach, but as it turns out...she's a ninja, and so it was that Sophia the stinker had her first cheetos. Guilty cheese face? I think so!

(Cutest darn minion I've ever seen)

She now has FOUR razor sharp teeth as well! I really don't know how I got so lucky to have such a sweet and beautiful little girl! But I must have done something right! :)

Tomorrow will be her first Official Halloween! Then that's the end of October! Can't wait for all the goodies that November and December will bring! We've got Daddy's 28th birthday, Our 6th Wedding Anniversary, Auntie's Birthday, Uncle Doug's Birthday, Mommy's Birthday, her first Christmas, her first New Year's, and a big awesome trip to Canada!! Lots and lots to prepare for! I can't wait! 

Edit: Oops! And almost forgot! We got family pictures done!!

UPDATE: We went to the Dr. and she is 28.5 inches long and weighs 16 lbs. 15.2 oz!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Endeavor:

So I've decided to take a chance on a new endeavor in hopes of making new friends, earning great product and hopefully a small paycheck as well. :) I have become an independent Thirty-One consultant. If you are interested in learning more about how to help me attain my goals, host a party, or find fantastic items for organizing and great gift ideas, feel free to e-mail me! :) Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

8 Months:

Oh wow, my sweet baby girl is 8 months already, and oh what she has accomplished so far!

We kicked off football season! Go FSU!!

We visited with Papa in the hospital.

And Sophia grew a new love and interest in her toys!

She also had her first ever bubble bath with Mommy.

And just loves trying to find new ways to into trouble.

She's learned to climb on things. And for brief periods (up to 30 seconds) stands on her own. And enjoys opening drawers and cabinets.

She loves the heck out her new kitchen that I found for $10.

And she learned to drink from a straw. No sippy cups for this girl!

She also has a love of dancing. 

She has tried all sorts of big people food this month!

Steamed Green Beans
A tiny bite of rotisserie chicken
Mashed potatoes
A bute of raspberry sorbet
A tiny bite of birthday cake
Veggie puffs
Whole wheat pasta shell
Lots of apple cinnamon and vanilla puffs
Harvest apple wagon wheels

She weighs 16 lbs. 6 oz. and if I had to guess, is around 30 inches long. The girl just won't stop growing so fast!

We are super excited to see what October will bring and can't wait to share it all with you!