Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Lastnight was nice. David bathed Cleo so she was all sparkling clean and smelly good when I got home from work, so I got to play with her for a little bit, before we headed to Village Inn to have graduation dinner with Bruce, Marj, and David's Aunt Jean. It was nice. :) Dinner was delicious and the conversation was good. I ended up passing out pretty early, then we remembered we had to run to the bank and get gas in my car, so we headed out, and came back and passed out again. :) Lastnight was a good night, but also the last good one for the next 3. Tonight and tomorrow night will be spent at UCF's library, doing research and writing a 7-10 page paper that is due Friday night. We also each have a test to take before then as well, but that part will be easy. Then at 9am, Saturday morning, David and I walk. It's about time. I need to double check when classes at BCC start up though, and when payment is due, and get the the books. I'm a lot less stressed about my BCC classes though. I think I'll look em up here shortly. Oh, and tomorrow will be 3 years for David and I, and in exactly 2 weeks, I'll be in Jacksonville auditioning for American Idol! Yay!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The week

Yesterday Naner and I went to the Pocock's house for a cookout. Most everyone was there. It was really nice, and we got to play with the babies! :) I love those kids! I can't wait till we have some. Micah especially makes me want one more and more.

Saturday David and I graduate! About time!

In other news. Please, please, please pray for Emma, my adorable niece who will undergo heart surgery on the 4th. She is a 5 year old little princess with DS that is about the size and function of a one year old. We pray she pulls through, the strong little girl that she is. Please also pray for my dad, who will be having surgery the day after Emma.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've finally gotten my car back, and a big thank you to David, my parents, Douglas and Marge for helping to get me to and from work for the past two weeks. :) It's greatly appreciated. School is almost over. I've got a week and a half until I graduate and until David is supposed to. I'm so excited. Then I get to start my paralegal degree, which I can't wait for. Today I've gotta go pick up David from work, and we've gotta get our caps/gowns/tickets, and research for our paper that's due next Friday. Next week is that last week. Yay! Oh and in other news, so...I'm auditioning for American Idol next month. lol. Exciting, right?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So the rental company never did give me another car. So all of last week, David brought me to and from work, except 2 times. Friday Douglas, Renee, Ken and I went to River Lanes to play pool and did three hours of extreme bowling which was pretty fun. My car was supposed to be available for pickup on Friday and supposed was, but when David went to pick it up, my stereo system wouldn't turn on, and my airbag lights came on. Apparently the front and right airbags were having problems, which is interesting since it was the LEFT side of my car that was being worked on. So needless to say, my car is once again back in the shop until at least Wednesday. :(

Yesterday we got to sleep in a bit, and got up and headed to Rosemarie to weedwack since we'd mowed a few days ago in the rain. From there we headed to his parents' how to mow and weedwack, stopped at the bank, picked up Arby's, and headed to Meredith's with cut down some bushes/trees. It was a long and VERY tiring day, but I got to play with the babies for a while, which I absolutely loved. :)

Today we're mowing here and then heading to my parents' to put in a wireless card to Renee's computer.

Oh and in other news. Guess who's trying out for American Idol? Yep, it's me! :) August 13th in Jacksonville. I'm definitely excited, although a little concerned as well. I'm just hoping to get a wristband at registration. That's the scariest part, I think, is wondering if you'll even be able to get in to audition.

Oh, and just two weeks left until school is out. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are you serious!?

Okay, so as if today wasn't a long enough day as it is...We finally (a full week later) for the other insurance company to take claim to the wreck last week. So I left like an hour and a half early to bring my car to the shop. I ended up getting into it really bad when we got to Enterprise to find that to replace my civic for a week they wanted to give me a "metro". Um, no. So after 20 minutes of me yelling at the guy, we ended up eating $4 a day to do two level upgrade to a freaking Chevy Cobalt that has manual everything except transmission. It's ridiculous and not even close to the civic. So when I finally get home, David, Renee and I decide to go to Melbourne Square Mall. So we get in the car, and are less than 2 miles from the exit, when a idiot 18 year old in a wannabe riced out car comes flying up at 100mph and almost takes off our rear. David in order to avoid being killed moved to the right lane, at which point apparently the crack head kid decided he wanted to swerve around us, ended up rear-ending us anyway, and yet somehow, David gets the ticket for 'Failing to move for traffic' and the kid gets off free. I've never been so pissed in my life. So now we have a ruined rental. So they finally left (we'll be seeing them in court) and Enterprise sent AAA to pick up the car, and Meredith came out the pick us up (Thank you so much Meredith). Seriously, now I'm just giving up. What did I do to deserve this? Really?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July:

So the guy from the other guy's insurance came out yesterday and estimated the cost of damage, which he guessed to be like $1100 assuming they just want to bondo it, however, he thinks that they'll want to actually cut off part of my car and replace it, which will cost a LOT more. Unfortunately though, we won't be able to get anything done until at least Monday (which they will give me a rental which is good) however, we still haven't heard back from the adjuster yet, so we can't do anything anyway.

The plan for today is to make a cake for the neighbor's annual 4th of July party at 2pm and go meet the rest of the clan, and then at 3pm head to my grandparents' for Aunt Kate's birthday.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My life sucks. After a long bad day, and a long bad week, to top it all off, we just got t-boned in the Sonic parking-lot. Needless to say, we're finally home now, but tomorrow is going to be another long day. Both of us are fine, but the driver's side of my car is nice and bent in, luckily he missed me and got a little bit further back, although he did catch part of the door. Tomorrow at 10am I've gotta be in Melbourne again to get repacked again, and then we've gotta take my car to State Farm. I just need to remember to bring the police report with us. Let's just hope that we get it in in time before the long weekend, and that'll I'll have a car and be able to go back to work on Monday as planned.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Teeth Update:

I woke up at 6am again for the third day in a row in immense pain. I called the office again after speaking to the doctor on Sunday and am set to be there at 1pm. She thinks it's a dry socket as well. I don't really care what it is, I just want the pain gone. I've already missed too much work, and it just hurts.