Thursday, June 2, 2016

Family Update:

A whole lot has happened since I last posted an update:

First things first, there will be many updates in this post about pole. I have advanced so much this past month or so, and am incredibly proud!

I've been very lucky to make some good friends here (and have an awesome husband) who invited me to join them for dinner, while David kept the girls. It was a really nice, much needed night out and I enjoyed and appreciated every minute of it.

Starbucks also got me through a few tougher days, especially with their half price frapps!

I did lots and lots of cleaning, and attempted to tidy up our yard. Got some red mulch to put around the tree out front, 

got one of the triangles to provide a little shade for our playspace in the backyard,

and cleaned up the mess of branches that had been piled in the corner since we moved in (finally)!

Sadly, Rosalie managed to get sick again, so my sleep was pretty crap for a bit. 

After the worst night of her being sick, I woke up to find out it was Mother's Day. Goose and Daddy made me a beautiful heart banner (per Goose's request),

and she made me this beautiful card! She wrote it all by herself without even being shown what to write!

We decided to take a small detour to check out our friend's comic book store. Let me just say, it's amazing! I want all the things! Unfortunately, we'd missed this one a few days prior during the Kid's Comic Book Weekend in Austin, where we got 20 FREE comics for Goose! She loves them!

I finally got our cruise set up, found a lovely travel agent, and put down our deposit!

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We picked up my father & mother in laws from the airport and enjoyed every minute of their visit!

First on the list, we took them to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

We followed up that day with a day trip to Hamilton Pool! The weather was actually nice, so we let the girls play in the water for a little bit.

The next day, we stopped by to show them Bull Creek, 

on our way to the Texas Military Forces Museum

Then onward to the Texas State Capitol!

Sophia and I even rolled down the hills together!

We followed that up with a yummy dinner at County Line, and fed the turtles. Oddly, all the dish seemed to have disappeared. 

The next day we headed towards Fredericksburg, and stopped at Wildseed Farms and LBJ State Park & Historic Site. We stopped for a picnic lunch at a rest stop/park just outside the State Park.

We also got to take a tour of the Texas White House, and David's parents got the girls a "park passport" which is really neat! 

On their final day here, we took them for breakfast to the ever famous Round Rock Donuts, and then off to Play For All Abilities Park for a little playtime. We took a nice walk down Brushy Creek Trail

After they went home, I returned to my regular pole routine and picked up right where I left off. 

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A video posted by Erin Pocock (@erinpo84) on

I even got to try some easy "doubles" stuff, which was a lot of fun!

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I set up the "Magic Call" for our cruise, which means the morning of our cruise as we're driving to Galveston, we'll get a call from Mickey & Minnie!! Woo hoo!!

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The weekend after his parents went home, Goose and I had our first kid's workshop! We got to do all sorts of fun things, including a few cute doubles! I loved poling with her! She's seriously incredible! She can do things I still can't, after almost a year of pole. She's so tiny and bendy and strong!

Here she is doing an extended butterfly headstand!

and a remisit!

and a reiko!

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I got picked to do several testings again all at once! The first was this beautiful, super easy dress by Bella Sunshine Designs. It is called the Felicity, and I love it! It was my first time shirring, and I'm so excited to have learned yet another new sewing skill! I can't wait to make Rosalie a matching one for the cruise! Better yet, I used my $1.50 fabric from Walmart! Woo hoo! 

I got to test the adorable panel from Sew Creative. I LOVE the colors of this, and seriously, it looks soooo cute on Goose! This pattern is also one of my favorites!

I made some adorable R2D2 leggings for a customer,

tested this super cute fabric from Sew Creative

and tested this awesome Long Beach Board Shorts pattern from Peek A Boo Patterns. It was really nice to finally be able to make something for David, and it looked great on him!

In other SUPER exciting news, I finally leveled up to Pole 4! As it turns out, after doing the math, I'm pretty consistent that it takes me 17/18 classes at each level to feel confident enough in myself to finally level up! I am so excited! When the new year started, I was a level 2, and my goal for the year was to get to level 3, and here I am, now level 4! It's incredible what our bodies are capable of! I love testing mine to it's limits and learning all these new and exciting things! It doesn't hurt that I also have an some set of instructors, and support team! The sense of community at Inner Diva is unlike any other!

The girls are still besties and love doing everything together. 

Goose still loves to craft, and her drawing skills have increased significantly! Look at this precious tiger she drew!? I love it!

My first pole four class! 

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We got the passport photos for the girls, and I filled out the applications, so now I just need to get David to take some time off so we can go to the passport office and get them turned in and going.

We had a very nice mini cookout for Memorial Day (on Sunday instead) with several of our friends old and new, and really set the tone for the rest of the weekend, thankfully. Despite all the crap weather we've been having, Sunday and Monday turned out to be rather beautiful.

On Monday, we invited Randy to join us and finally picked up David's tool cart, grabbed some lunch from Which Wich (seriously, try the Wicked), and stopped for a small hike at Mount Bonnell. Seriously, it's just as beautiful as everyone described. You can see the city as well as the bridge, and a good stretch of the Colorado River. I can't wait to go back and bring Carrie when she's here (27 more days!), but will definitely wait until it's later in the day. That midday heat was pretty killer.

Our next stop was Hope Outdoor Gallery. Goose decided that the next time we come back, she absolutely must do some artwork as well! She was VERY excited about this place. I love that our city embraces it!

Mickey and Deadpool!? I think YES!!!

Goose just being silly and being a pirate after bathtime. 


and TRIPLES!! So exciting!

Yesterday I even managed to finally get my SUPERMAN!!! This has been a work in (not much progress) for MONTHS! I am ecstatic! Now I just need to keep practicing so that I can nail it each time and base the above poses.

These are all the words Rosalie can now consistently say:

'Phia (Sophia)
Peee? (Please?)
Thank You
Yee Haw
Bye Bye

And she now has THREE new molars!!! So big!

This next month or so is going to get pretty busy, and exciting as well! All four of us have dental appointments, my custom carrier hood should finally be ready, and Carrie comes to visit, and will get to celebrate 4th of July with us! I can't wait! We've got so much to talk about and I have so much to show her! I can't wait for my friends to meet each other and to take her to the Frontier Days Festival! Woo hoo! I also have TONS of things to sew. Both orders, and personal things that I just want to give a swing to. Definitely planning another trip or two to Seaworld as well, and picked up a Groupon to the Tower of the Americas for when we take Carrie to San Antonio! Yay! Until next time!