Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Reads/Movies:


Two Truths and a Lie by Sara Shepard
Hide and Seek by Sara Shepard
Cross My Heart, Hope to Die by Sara Shepard
Seven Minutes in Heaven by Sara Shepard
Stunning by Sara Shepard

Friday, August 30, 2013

19 Months:

My big girl is now 19 months old! We've had a pretty busy month this month. :) We celebrated THREE birthdays! We took several fun day trips! And we had a ton of fun playing outside and inside when it wasn't storming! She is currently in size 6 shoes, and 18 month clothes, and 18/24 month pajamas. She weighs 20 lbs. 6 oz. and is 32.5 inches tall! 

(Playing with our silly mustache stickers)

She started sorting/organizing her blocks by both shape and color. 

(Sophia sorting her blocks)

We attended a friend of ours, Wyatt's first birthday!

(Wyatt's birthday)

(Wyatt's birthday)

We took another trip to Seaworld!

(Mommy and Sophia on baby Shamu)

Sophia also started taking a 2 year old tumbling class. We tested her out for the first class for free since she was only 18 months and the class was 2 year olds, I wasn't sure how well she would do, or if she would behave. I took her in for her first class, and she didn't even bat an eye. When we got called back in at the end to watch what they had learned, she was the only one who followed directions at the end. :) 

The next week, she did equally as well! I'm so proud of her! And she loves the other little girls that are in her class and makes sure to say bye bye to them before we leave. 

We took a day trip to Jungle Adventure, and got to feed bears, peacocks, monkeys, lemurs, and deer. She also got to hold a baby alligator (like actually hold one!) and touched two snakes! And she got to watch an alligator feeding and take a short boat ride. 

(Sophia feeding the peacocks)

(Sophia feeding the deer)

Afterwards we headed down the road just a little to Fort Christmas, where we played on their playground for a little while and just ran off some steam. 

(Mommy and Sophia going down the slide)

(Mommy and Sophia riding the dinosaur)

(Mommy and Sophia driving the Jeep)

We also celebrated Papa's 49th birthday!

I am so incredibly proud of Sophia. Chances are that it's totally normal and every other kid was doing it at this age too, but regardless, I am super proud of her. For weeks now, she's been using the app "candy count" and has been sorting by color. I ended up buying the full version which adds more colors. She does all of the colors without help, and counts all of them without help. She also knows how to use the Ipad completely on her own, from unlocking it, to finding her two folders, to finding each app and playing them. 

One morning I decided to take it a step further and added a few others that I found. One that I found and absolutely love, (which just helped me see just how much she can do on her own already) is "sorting 1". There are three levels that it has that are free. The first is colors, much like in "candy count", but there is also one that sorts multiple shapes (which she did on her first try without any help) and another (which I thought would be much harder and take a while for her to learn) that shows big and small clothes and you have to figure out which size belongs on the daddy koala and which one belongs on the child koala. She had a little trouble her first time, but by her second time, she had them all correct. My daughter now can sort by color, shape, and size. I am so freaking proud of her! And she knows sooo many animals and insects, which is awesome! And she did all of the "where's puppy's?" in the first try too for both the puppy and the kitty!

We attended a friend of ours, Mya's 2nd birthday!

(Going down the giant waterslide at Mya's party)

(Going down the slide with Daddy)

(Going down the slide with Daddy)

(Going down the slide with Daddy)

(Going down the spiral slide by herself)

(More mustache fun)

(Playing outside)

Sophia has also gained a serious obsession with lizards. They are all named "Bob" and she wants to hold them all. We finally let her try, and now she wants to hold every single one that she sees. 

(Caught a "Bob" aka lizard)

(Caught a "Bob" aka lizard)

(Caught a "Bob" aka lizard)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gardening Update:

Well, it's been quite some time since I've last updated about the garden but that's because it pretty much all died off with this heat and excessive rain that we kept getting. That said, in my first garden, my bell peppers are still growing along okay, and we'd seeded some pepperoncini peppers that are still doing well as well and just need to be transplanted. Everything else in that garden has died and been pulled to make room for my fall/winter veggies. 

In my second garden on the other side of the house, I still have two tomato plants that seem to be struggling to stay alive. I don't have terribly high hopes for them though. My one bell pepper over there is on it's way out as well. My squash died long ago as did one of my strawberry plants, but the other is still doing great. I also have some green onion that has managed to stay alive, but I'm going to pull that for my mom shortly. And my pineapple that I'd cut the top off of to give a go is growing fabulously! I'm so surprised, but so happy as well!

In the back garden, everything except for the bell pepper and the scotch bonnets are dead, but both pepper trees are doing fantastic!

Today I seeded some of my fall/winter veggies so that they will be ready to transplant in time. I currently have romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, various lettuce, and cabbage. I still have other things that I want, but that's what I started today. :) So now I need to go check out what other veggies that I want/need to buy seeds for and get those started as well. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

My heart is breaking..

All I can say, is that no matter how much it hurts me and frustrates me that it's so hard for me to get pregnant. No matter how long it took us to finally get Sophia. No matter how much it may hurt me and sadden me if we never get pregnant with baby #2, I am lucky. I am lucky to be the mother of the most amazing child I have ever met. She's beautiful and smart and so full of life. Something so simple. I cannot imagine at all what it would be like to lose her. It breaks my heart to even try to imagine. For every mommy out there who has lost their heart breaks for you. For every mommy out there who was lucky enough to watch their child thankful and love that child for everyday like it's their last. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mini Milestones..

So according to What to Expect, in addition to the big milestones that Sophia continues to do, there are several mini milestones that should be happening as well. 

Of these mini milestones, she's done the Identifying body parts for months, she's long had a sense of humor, and it only continues to get funnier, she's long recognized her own image in a mirror, she's loved to dance for months. She isn't speaking in sentences yet, although while she's got  20+ words, she's very picky about when she wants to use them around other people. I don't know if that means she's a little delayed in her speech, but it wouldn't completely surprise me since she's been ahead in everything else. She loves to sing, loves to play pretend, and has actually recently learned to jump.