Monday, June 8, 2015

8 Months & Family Update:

My baby big girl is 8 months already! Oh my gosh! I swear it is going so much faster with her than it did with Sophia! Ahh!! Slow down! Since we moved, this kid has been on fire! She races across the house now by crawling, she popped a tooth 

and is days away from popping another popped another today, and she can now stand herself up pretty much anywhere, without having to pull herself to standing. She also learned to wave and says momma and dadda. If you hold her hands, we takes steps. Yikes! She is approximately 27 inches and 16 lbs.!

We also got my family's flights booked, and in 19 DAYS, my mom, dad and sister will be coming out for 8 days to visit!! We can't wait!! 

The first weekend after we settled in, we decided to start taking in some of the things to do around here. We set off in search of a Children's Museum and found this super awesome place called The Thinkery! The girls absolutely loved it! It was so fun and so educational! We will definitely be back!

And we found this neat, abandoned looking Austin Nature & Science Center. Best of all, it was free!

(digging for dinosaur bones)

We've been taking walks most nights, sometimes with the dogs and sometimes just us. We happened to finally find our neighborhood community center, complete with park, trails, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts & pool! We even signed Goose up for swim lessons that begin two weeks from today. 

Because of selling David's truck before we left for ease of moving, the first two weeks the girls and I were without a vehicle, so once all of the storms passed, I decided to try and walk the girls to get some lunch in 84* heat (stupid, I know). On the other hand...3.2 miles later, we'd made it and had a delicious lunch at Whataburger

We have officially started the cloth diapering venture with Rosalie and I have been picking up some super cute Disney inspired ones.

Shortly after moving here, we also had some massive storms that flooded a large portion of the area. These were one of the prettier sights that happened. 

Once relocation and paycheck came, Daddy got a new (to us) car! 

I also started planning a Disney trip for when we come home in December! Since we will be flying and not be able to bring much back, we are going to celebrate Christmas early with family and do Disney! We are going to spend two days at the Pop Century Resort and going to spend a full day at Magic Kingdom and then hanging at the resort the next day until we have to be back at Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, which hopefully my family will be joining us for. Who knows, maybe even Doug and Chell could bring out new baby nephew for his first Disney trip! Gotta love unlimited free snickerdoodles and hot cocoa! I'm making us all shirts with my embroidery machine, and ordered some bows for us girls. Sophia and I will also start pin trading this trip, and she just started a money jar to save money for the trip to buy new pins. :)

I also finally got my sewing machines set up and did a few small projects, like a key fob for my s.i.l., and a lanyard for my sister.

This past weekend, we discovered another local playground,

went to the local botanical gardens,

and went to the Austin Zoo.

Now, for the next 19 days, we'll be mostly cleaning and organizing and getting things ready for my family's visit. Perhaps with a few small adventures along the way!