Friday, January 30, 2015

Sophia Turned Three!!

So I'm a bit late in posting updates, but important news...Sophia turned THREE! She is such a big girl! She is 36.25 inches tall and weighs 30 lbs. She is in size 7.5 shoes and 2T/3T clothing. She is super active, and thankfully still loves to read. She loves to play dress up and playing with her sister. She loves dolls and playing house. Her favorite show is Bubble Guppies, and she LOVES Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Her favorite songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Your Boat. Her favorite colors are pink and blue. Her favorite food is noodle soup and macaroni & cheese. The day after her birthday, we celebrated with a big Princess themed party!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Month Three & Family Update:

Rosalie is THREE months old! She seems so big now! She is approximately 23.5 inches and weighs ~13 lbs. She is sooo verbal now and had this super adorable belly laugh. She LOVES to stand. She is super strong and loves being nekkid.

This month we went to the Titusville Christmas parade,

Bass Pro to visit Santa, but the line was hours long so we just played instead, then headed to..

Seaworld and ran into Santa there!

We saw some elves too!

Then we ran into Santa again at the mall! While we were eating lunch at Valentino's, "Santa" even dropped off a gift to the waitress for Sophia. It was a beautiful Christmas teddy bear.

During the month of December, Seaworld passholders got to act like Busch Gardens pass holders, so we stole Carrie and headed for the day!

The next day, we went to get our Christmas family photos done.

Then before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve! The girls got to open their traditional gift of a Christmas movie, pjs and treats.

The next morning was Christmas!

Unfortunately, the month has been hot for winter, so we spent a bit of time outside.

Rosalie now picks up toys and I swear she is teething with all the chewing and drooling she's doing.

The girls are besties. Sophia loves her sister so much and you can tell Rosalie adores her as well.

On New Year's day, we spent time with the cousins that were down visiting. She misses them a lot.

We also suffered a terrible FSU loss.

Rosalie is starting to raise herself during tummy time. I can't wait for her first full rollover. She is sooo close!

Sophia is officially potty training and LOVES her "huggies" pullups and wants nothing to do with diapers. She's been doing really well.

For Christmas, my parents got us tickets to ICE! so we bundled up the girls and headed to Gaylord.

It was a really fun month and I'm even more excited about January! I feel huge changes coming this year.