Monday, May 2, 2016

Family Update:

Since we last spoke, we attended our neighborhood's annual Easter Egg Hunt, which was amazing! There were sooo many eggs! The girls got lots and lots of candy! They even had a few little crafts set up, and honestly, the creepiest Easter Bunny I've ever seen in my life. Thankfully, we'd already visited the Bass Pro Bunny. 

Afterwards we decided to have a little mini cookout at our neighborhood park that evening, because our yard was taken over by a massive (hundreds) of bees! Yikes!!

I came across a super cute bathing suit pattern for the girls that I just had to test out! So I ran out to Hancock, the day before the "SALES" and picked up some adorable swim knits! I found a super cute retro bathing suit pattern for me too! 

I'd forgotten to embroider the girls' bunnies until the night before, so was up late the night before Easter, working on those and getting their baskets all ready. :) David was a big help!  

The next morning was Easter!

Smartypants Rosalie figured out her body parts!

I somehow managed to get a lovely (NOT) ear infection for the first time ever! Ick!

After visiting the Dr. we decided to try to make the weekend better by going to do a photoshoot on our own before all of the beautiful flowers were gone! I am so happy with the results!

(Recognize the swim knit prints!?)

Next up on the project list, I decided to make Sophia a cute summer sundress that we can also use on our anniversary cruise! It's love!

In super exciting cruise related news, I got an e-mail from my Aunt in Jamaica who'd heard that we'd have a stop two hours away from them, and we are in the process of making plans that they will come out to the port to spend the day with us and meet the girls! I can't wait! I haven't seen them since my Papa? died. It's been many years now. 

I decided to try and surprise the girls one afternoon by taking them to the local splash pad a few minutes from our house, only to find out it was closed until May 1st, so instead of ruining the day and the beautiful weather, I got the smart idea to take them both to the creek by myself. They had a lot of fun, but we didn't stay long because the rocks were very slippery and they were making me nervous trying to watch them both by myself there. 

I got picked to be a tester for an AMAZING pattern that I am obsessed with! (see full post here)

We grabbed Randy, and made a trip to Fredericksburg to catch the beautiful fields of flowers before our short spring is over! It was stunning! There were fields of bluebonnets and bright red poppies! 

We finally got rid of the bees after several weeks and worked in our garden!

Rosalie had her 18m checkup! 

I learned to do some amazing things in pole!

A video posted by Erin Pocock (@erinpo84) on

A video posted by Erin Pocock (@erinpo84) on

A video posted by Erin Pocock (@erinpo84) on

I set up a Disney Savings Account for our cruise in December! Woo hoo!!

Someone discovered a LOVE of all things ketchup. 

We went to Seaworld San Antonio for their Seven Seas Food Festival (DELISH!!)

We took a trip to Cameron Park Zoo in Waco!

(eating a mouse)

The most incredible thing happened while we were there. This most beautiful creature saw Sophia up against the glass with her hands pressed, trying to take in the beauty of this Momma, and when she turned and saw Sophia, walked over to the glass, and placed her hand against Sophia's. They just saw there taking each other in. I nearly cried. It was the most beautiful thing ever. As Sophia took her hand down, Momma left her hand, as if to sign "I Love You." Melllllllt. 

And stopped at the Play 4 All Abilities Park on our way home!

We've been spending a lot of time outside again now that the weather is nice!

Oh, and this happened....The girls were spinning fast around the pole after being told several times to slow down, and face first she went into the pole, and out broke half her tooth. :( Luckily it's a baby tooth and not through the nerves, and the dentist said when she's a few years older, if we decide we want to, he can likely build her a new piece. We shall see. 

Lastly, Sophia began her countdown chain for when Grandmommy & Granddaddy come out to visit in a few days! We are all very excited to share a little piece of Texas with them!