Friday, March 26, 2010


Finally got my family moved, and the house is absolutely beautiful! Loves it! 98% of the stuff is in and out away! :) Good work us! Tomorrow we're heading to Tampa for B.A.R.F., and then Sunday I think I'm heading to City Walk for the Ellen show, and to see Usher and Rascal Flatts! :) Good times. Then next weekend is Easter apparently. May or may not be heading down to move in my cousin and his wife.

Had my meeting with my professor, and he was really nice. He was definitely helpful. Got my paper dropped off, and got the approval code for my class, and am all signed up for my final two courses. Also, filled out my FAFSA before realizing that I don't actually need it, because I'm not planning to be in school for Fall, since I graduate in Summer.

My professor thinks that I should continue on, and I'm considering it, just not sure how I'd ever pay for it. He thinks I should go for my PhD (because he did it, and said it's amazing the opportunities that open right up for you) or law school. So who knows. I would love to do either of them, but they are just so expensive. I just wish there was more financial aid out there for those of us that want to continue. I wish I qualified for grants. Maybe I'll see if I qualify for any grants for the 2010-2011 year, and if I do, then I'll look into maybe trying to get into the PhD program there. Who knows. I know, that ultimately, it'd be a lot cheaper than law school, and I'd be able to make the money back faster after graduating. Agh. Money is so frustrating. I hate having to base decisions concerning my family and my education and things like that around finances. I hate that I feel so held back because of money. But anyways, I guess we'll see how it goes. And I'll look into some more, to see just how much it really would cost me to do a PhD program and how long it would take me.

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