Thursday, March 18, 2010

Productive Week:

The house is clean and looks awesome, got all of the grocery shopping done, picked up a new purse because my old one was falling apart and changing colors, appraised the job, and have been working on it the past two days, did my web chat, and the abstract, as well as the discussions. I am almost done with my paper, only a page or two more, and I am really proud of it. Then I just have the midterm to write by Sunday at midnight. Got lots of laundry done and the dishes. Tonight we've gotta start on the pork butt, and tomorrow I've gotta start on the roast. And we may have gotten lucky, and my uncle might be bringing my cousin and his wife up so that we have more time to work on the job, and don't have to drive 6 hours. Fingers are crossed.

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