Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quizzes, quizzes, quizzes:

So I've got two quizzes today as well as a midterm later in the week, and Friday I am doing my confinement project, which is 9 hours of me being locked in a room by myself, no human contact, no TV, no phone, no computer. Only paper, a pen, and reading material. Each hour I have to update in my "journal" how I'm feeling, and what I'm experiencing. I get a 30 minutes lunch break, and 2 bathroom breaks and that is it.

I just took one of my quizzes and got 100% on it! Yay!! :) Very exciting! So now I just have the one other quiz to take today which covers 7 chapters, so I've a little bit anxious about it. I also am going to get started on my juvenile justice paper here shortly. I already have a reference page made, and have like 8 references. I'd still like to try and find more though. And I need to get to the library one of these days.

Also, posted up a new update on my cross stitch on the Erin's Crafty Corner link listed above.

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